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What Parts Does CNC Router Dust Collection System Include? | FAQ

What parts does cnc router dust collection system include? This is a frequently asked question from cnc router buyers. We are going to talk about it in details here. CNC router dust collection system is consisted by following four parts: woodworking dust extractor, cnc router dust boot, dust collection hose and dust collection bracket. Now let's introduce these four parts:

1.     Woodworking dust extractors

It is the most important part and the core part of the cnc router dust collection system. If you want to order woodworking dust extractors, please click the picture below.
woodworking dust extractors 3kw with four bags

Working principle of woodworking dust extractors: when dust gas is inhaled from the inlet of the woodworking dust extractor, it enters each unit chamber via the diversion pipe; large particles of dust fall into ash hopper directly under the action of guiding device; the remaining dust flows into the filter bag in each filter chamber with the airflow; when the dust laden gas passes through the filter bag, the dust is adsorbed on the filter bag, and gas purification was excluded from the filter bag.


Features of woodworking dust extractors: removable, good dust extraction effect, pure copper motor, surface spray treatment, thickening iron plate, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life.

2.  CNC router dust boot

It is also an important part of cnc router dust collection system. A good dust boot improves the efficiency of the woodworking dust extractors. If you want to order cnc router dust boot, please click the picture below. 
cnc router dust boot

Features of cnc router dust boot

Push and pull type dust boot is more convenient to change router bits.

Canvas brush, thickening, encryption, not easy to drop hair, good sealing, complete dust collection.

White paint, beautiful and practical.

It adopts thickened steel plate material to make it more convenient and durable.

Some buyers always ask which is the aperture for spindle holding, which is the aperture for dust collection hose, and how do I know which size of the dust boot is right for me when they are in the purchase of cnc router dust boot?

Everything will be clear after you see the pictures in below.
cnc router dust boot select guide 

3.  CNC router dust collection bracket

Usually it is designed by the cnc router manufacturer, which is used for supporting the dust collection hose.

4.  Dust collection hose

Refers to the hose that connects the cnc router dust boot to the woodworking dust extractor. The diameter of the dust hose is 100mm, and it is4 inch after converted to an English unit. 

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