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User Tips for a New CNC Router Machine

In our communication with the user, we found that some users often ask this question “what tips should I pay attention to after got my new cnc router machine?” Here are the user tips for new cnc router machine.

1. CNC router machine location requirement: please avoid the heavy current and heavy magnet devices which will interfere the CNC signal transfer.

2. Earthing requirement: please do the earth connection for your new cnc router to less the interference with the signal.

3. Power supply requirement: the voltage should be smooth, avoid the floating voltage. If not, please use a stabilizer between the power supply and your cnc router machine.

4. Clean and lubrication requirement: please clean up the dust on the cnc router regularly, and lubricate the transmission parts, such as the guide rails, the ballscrew to guarantee the precision of the cnc router machine. Please noted before lubricate, we should remove the dust on the linear guide, ball screw and bearing, if cannot remove, please use gasoline to clean. Please run the three axes without milling after lubrication was done. This step is to make lubrication oil average on everywhere. 

5. Operation requirement: for perfect working, please use the proper software and router bits for different jobs.

6. We suggest helmets and goggles must be worn.

7. Please do not touch the drive motor and spindle motor to avoid scalding hurt.

8. Requirement on start spindle first time after you got your new cnc router: it is better to start at low speed 6,000 rpm and increase by 3,000 rpm after every 10 minutes running. We can use it normally after it up to Max. rpm 24,000 or 18,000 according to different spindle motor specification. This is because that bearings inside new spindle need to be preheated. Furthermore, in order to extend the service life of spindle, it is better to start trial operation for 10-15 minutes before we use it normally. 

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