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Cut 30 CNC Plasma Pipe Cutter for Circular Pipe and Sheet Metals 1300x2500mm
Product Name:
Cut 30 CNC Plasma Pipe Cutter for Circular Pipe and Sheet Metals 1300x2500mm
No. :
EagleTec EA-PL1325ST | Plane Cutting Size 1300x2500mm

Brief: This machine from EagleTec is cnc plasma pipe cutter Model. EA-PL1325ST. It is for purpose of round pipe metals cutting and sheet metals cutting as well. You must wonder why it can cut sheet metals as it is called cnc plasma pipe cutter? Actually, this cnc plasma pipe cutter is a two-function machine, which is a combination of sheet metal plasma cutter and a rotating plasma cutter. It’s flat working size is 1300x2500mm because the plasma table this size; round pipe working size is 300x2500mm. 300mm here refers to the circular pipe diameter. Maximum recommended cutting value is 30mm based on Huayuan 160A plasma power source. In order to cut the uneven sheet metal and ensure good cutting precision, the cnc plasma cutter machine is equipped with torch height controller (T.H.C). 
cnc plasma pipe cutter machine EagleTec

Application: EA-PL1325ST cnc plasma pipe cutter machine is used to cut any letters, patterns and shapes (rectangular, slot, square, circular, special shapes etc.) on round pipe and sheet metals(steel, iron, aluminum, copper, stainless steel etc.).
round pipe plasma cutter projects on rotary 

EagleTec CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine Specification

EA-PL1325ST cnc plasma pipe cutter is ideal for circular pipe & sheet metals cutting purpose. Especially good for medium or thin thickness.

Huayuan 160amp plasma power source enable this machine to cut 30mm easily.

Equipped with sawtooth plasma cutting table.

With cnc plasma controller Starfire and torch height controller. 

With smoke and dust removal device. 

Support flame torch head as well.

Other optional configurations: the EagleTec cnc plasma pipe cutter can be with specifications below:

flame torch head

Flame torch head can be added to this machine as per your production requirement. This means this machine can be built with two torches, one plasma and one flame. This type machine is called cnc flame plasma cutting machine. 
plasma torch with one flame torch added

linear Guide

Linear guide can be updated to square type ones.

plasma power source

USA Hypertherm 45amp, 65amp, 85amp, 105amp, 125amp, 200apm

Chinese Huayuan 63amp, 100apm, 120amp, 200amp


The stepper motors can be updated to Panasonic ac servo packs.

table size

If looking for a machine with bigger plasma table, please check EagleTec plasma tube cutter EA-PL1530ST
CNC plasma pipe cutter consumables: some electrodes and nozzles will be provided as free accessories to the user. In addition, you are suggested to prepare some shield, retaining cap and swirl ring in stock as spare parts. All these are wearing parts.


Concerning user tutorials & guide: full set user manual guide of this cnc plasma pipe cutter including hardware and software will be provided to user in English language. This is a specific, detailed, step by step guide especially for model. EagleTec EA-PL1325ST

Packing: the cnc plasma pipe cutter EA-PL1325ST will be packed in SKD condition when shipping; because the container width limit, gantry will be knocked down when packing. After machine reached user, please assemble it back according to the tutorials we provides with the machine. 

Technical Parameter

Machine Type

round pipe and sheet metal two in one cnc plasma cutter


EagleTec EA-PL1325ST

Control Mode


Machine Frame Type

Heavy Duty

Sheet Working Size

1300x2500mm (4x8 feet)

Round Pipe Cut Diameter


Round Pipe Cut Length


Suggested Cut Thickness

1.5 ~ 30mm

Plasma Power Source

160amp Huayuan brand

Cut Speed Range

0 ~ 4000mm/min

Driving Motor


Rotary Axis Speed

0 ~ 4000mm/min


STARFIRE CNC plasma controller for sheet and round pipe cut, two in one controller

Communication interface


Torch Height Controller



rack and pinion

Linear Guide

square / round

Plasma Power Voltage

AC380V, 3Ph

CNC Controller Voltage

AC220V, Single Ph

CNC Plasma Cutting Software

FASTCAM in English

Net Weight


To learn more details of this cnc plasma pipe cutter, please inquire now

To better understand how this plasma cutter works, please water the video below.