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Automatic Wood Lathe for Wooden Balustrade Stair Railing Handrail Baluster Stair Banister
Product Name:
Automatic Wood Lathe for Wooden Balustrade Stair Railing Handrail Baluster Stair Banister
No. :
EagleTec EA-TL1530ST3 | Single Rotary, Two Tools, Adjustable Gymbal & Spindle | Maximum Simultaneous Axis Quantity: Three

Brief Introduction: this automatic wood lathe for sale with configuration like this: single rotary axis, two pieces woodturning tools, adjustable gymbal & spindle; servo motor is adopted as the main turning motor, which performs better on carving jobs without losing step. Maximum simultaneous axis quantity is three (not 4 axis simultaneous). It can do turn-milling, broaching, turn-broaching, and embossment carving on column jobs. Max. Machining size is 300mm diameter by 1500mm length. Design of two pieces tools, one for roughing and the other for finishing, both roughing and finishing machining at same time, which increases the production out by one time.
automatic wood lathe for making wooden balustrade and newel post

Automatic Wood Lathe Applicable Industry

It is applied to produce wooden stair balustrade, handrail, stair railing, newel post, roman pillars, bed rails, column and more.


1) There are two versions on configuration of this automated wood lathe, and the only difference between the two is the main turning motor. High configuration is using servo motor; while standard version is using three-phase asynchronous motor. With servo motor, you can do turn-milling, broaching, turn-broaching, and embossment carving on column materials; with three-phase asynchronous motor, you just can do turn-milling, broaching and turn-broaching, can not do embossment carving on column. Please see photo below for better understand.  
automated wood lathe servo motor and three-phase asynchronous motor

2) Design of two wood lathe chisels, one for rouging, the other works as finishing tool
two wood lathe chisels on automatic wood lathe machine

3) The automated wood lathe body is fully casted by iron to meet the high rigidity performance which is necessary for wood turning jobs. 

4) Take Richauto DSP A132 as the lathe cnc controller, which can read and run DXF file directly and no need to do any file format transfer, user-friendly. This means that, you can take your file to the lathe and machining as soon as it is finished it in your AutoCAD software. 

Automatic CNC Wood Lathe Technical Parameter

Brand | EagleTec

Model Number | EA-TL1530ST3

Construction | one rotary, two cutters, adjustable gymbal & spindle

Spindle | 3.5kw, air cooled, ER25 collet, 0 ~ 18000 rpm

Turning Motor | servo motor (high version), three-phase asynchronous motor (standard version)

Rotary Feeding Range | 0~3000 rpm

Max. Simultaneous Axis Quantity | Three

Machining Capacity | turn-milling, broaching, turn-broaching (high & standard version); embossment carving on column (high version only)

Lathe Controller | Richauto DSP A132 (3 axis controller), read DXF file directly

Communication Code | DXF, G code

Axis Motion Motor | Stepper

Driver | YAKO YKA2811MA – 3PCS

Working Diameter Range | 20mm ~ 300mm

Working Length Range | 100 ~ 1500mm

Air Pressure Requirement | 0.6~0.8 Mpa

Inverter | Fuling brand - 2PCS

Power Supply Requirement | AC380V, 3Ph 4 Wires

Electric Frequency Requirement | 50Hz

Lathe Weight | 1500KGS

Packing Dimension | 3150x1220x1680mm (6.46CBM)

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To better understand how it works, please watch the video here.