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HSD Automatic Tool Change Spindle Sensor #2 H4180500601 Replacement Parts
Product Name:
HSD Automatic Tool Change Spindle Sensor #2 H4180500601 Replacement Parts
No. :
Sensor #2 – Drawbar Down, H4180500601, Sensor #1 H41805006 – Tool In

Brief: the product here is proximity sensor replacement part for HSD automatic tool changing spindle. Model name is Sensor#2-Drawbar Down, part code is SPINDEL-HSD-970, H4180500601, which is used on ES919, ES929, ES779 & ES789 series HSD spindles.  
hsd spindle sensor no.2 h4180500601 replacement parts

Full Details of HSD Sensor No.2 (S2)

Name-Sensor#2-Drawbar Down
Part Code-SPINDLE-HSD-970
Description-ES919 & ES929 (Also ES779 & ES789) HSD Spindle Drawbar Down Sensor
hsd sensor#2 drawbar down for ES919 E929
sensor#2 4180500601 for hsd automatic tool change electric spindle
Besides Sensor#2, we also provide:  

Name-Sensor#1-Tool in
Part Code-SPINDLE-HSD-969
Description-ES919 & ES929 (Also ES779 & ES789) HSD Spindle Tool-in Sensor

Name-Sensor#3-Long Drawbar Sensor

Part Code-SPINDLE-HSD-971
long drawbar sensor for ES919/ES929 HSD electro spindle motors

Name-Sensor#4-Tool Holder Locked
Part Code-SPINDLE-HSD-972
Description-ES779 & ES778 Spindle Tool Holder Locked Sensor

All the items above are 100% original product from Italy HSD company.

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