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Useful and Practical Tips on CNC Router Vacuum Adsorption Holding Table

Do You Use Your CNC Router Vacuum Adsorption Holding Table Correctly?

Vacuum adsorption holding is a common work piece clamping method in cnc router machines. Vacuum holding is Vacuum adsorption, as the name implies, is the adsorption force produced by negative pressure vacuum. In addition to the negative pressure generated by the cnc router vacuum pump, the tightness of all the vacuum hoses will affect the adsorption effect too. In the whole vacuum holding system, the sealing of the hose interface and working face must be done well.

In the case of using same vacuum pump, vacuum holding system seal performance will make adsorption effect different largely. 

Here are some tips on using cnc router vacuum adsorption holding table.

1. Seal the work surface with rubber strip

2. If the cnc router machine does not only do whole sheet cutting but also engrave or cut on small plate, it is necessary to divide the whole vacuum table into six or eight small vacuum zones and seal the small zone with rubber strip; otherwise, air permeability will affect the vacuum holding performance. When working on small plate, it is better to turn off the vacuum valve of other small zones and only open the zone you are using.

3. If just do engraving, not cutting, it is better to make the sheet adsorbed on the vacuum table directly, no need to add one protection plate layer between them.

4. If do cutting, we strongly suggest placing a protective plate between the table and the work piece so to protect the vacuum table from damage. And the protective plate should be in range of 6-15mm thickness. The medium density board(MDF) is the best, because the poor permeability of the high density board will cause poor adsorption effect.

5. Each interface between the intake port and the pipe fittings must be sealed so as to ensure the air tight. This position is always ignored by the users.

Which Type Of Vacuum Pump Should We Use?

There are three types vacuum pump: vortex vacuum pump, dry type rotary vane vacuum pump and water ring vacuum pump. They are different between negative pressure and air flow rate. Vortex vacuum pump is good for low density plate adsorption; while dry type rotary vane vacuum pump and water ring vacuum pump are good for middle and high density plate adsorption.

Please click cnc router water vacuum user guide to get the user manual of water ring vacuum pump. 

Reasons For CNC Router Vacuum Adsorption Holding System Not Good

1. Deformation: air leakage caused by deformation of cnc router vacuum table or density board

2. Increase the effective adsorption area and negative pressure value

a. increases the groove area of vacuum table

b. increase the number or the diameter of ventilation hole on vacuum table

c. increase the diameter of the vacuum hose

3. Adopting filter or regular inspection of sawdust deposition inside vacuum pump, to avoid wood chips filling the vacuum pump work space and resulting in insufficient flow

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