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How to Solve CNC Router Fuling Inverter Error Code E004

If the fuling inverter shows error code E004 on your cnc router machine, it means that the inverter has detected an error with meaning of over current during acceleration. Because this error was detected in the spindle acceleration process, E004 often appears at the moment when the spindle starts. When it happens, how to solve? Please see full details below.
cnc router fuling inverter error e004 solution 

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Suggestion 1 for Error Code E004 on Fuling Inverter

Please check if the acceleration time too short. If the error code E004 appears on a new fuling inverter when the first time you run it, then you are strongly suggested to check the parameter F0.08 (acceleration time). Please set up the value of F0.08 as 15 or 20. If the error code E004 disappeared after do setup, then the error is from the improper parameter F0.08. If not disappeared, please go to suggestion 2. If your inverter is not new and the code appears after it has worked well for a period of time, then please go to suggestion 2 too.

Suggestion 2 for Error Code E004 on Fuling Inverter

Please check if the output loop of the fuling inverter has the earthing or short circuit. This includes three parts: the spindle itself, the spindle connectors and the wiring cables between the spindle and the inverter. All them need to be checked carefully.

You can check the spindle first if possible; the way is to find an alternative spindle and wiring it with inverter, then run them to see whether the error code E004 disappeared. If disappeared, then proves the spindle damage (short circuit). Solution is to change a new spindle instead. If not disappeared, then please go to next step.

Second, we can check wiring cables and spindle connectors. The method is to do temporary wiring between the existing spindle and inverter with new cables and run them to see error code E004 disappeared or not. If disappeared, proves that the error is from cable or spindle connectors. Solution is to change new cables and do soldering for spindle connectors. If not, please go to suggestion 3 below.

Suggestion 3

Other factors such as (1) output voltage too low (2) there is shock load during acceleration process (3) inverter applicable motor capacity is small and so on, can also cause error E004 happen. Because it is rarely seen in practice, we don't make a detailed discussion here. If need solution for them, please contact us

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