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How to Use Air Ring CNC Router Vacuum Pump

Air ring cnc router vacuum pump, is also known as the name of dry type rotary vane vacuum pump. On cnc router, vacuum pump makes vacuum table work. After you got your new cnc router machine, you may do not know how to use the air ring cnc router vacuum pump. But do not worry, please read below.  
cnc router dry type rotary vane vacuum pump

CNC router air ring vacuum pump is dry type, no need work with water or liquid. So all we have to do is two things: wiring and connecting the vacuum hose.

First – Install The Filter And Connect The Vacuum Hose

The air ring cnc router vacuum pump is coming with a filter also. But for reducing the packing size, the filter is taken down before delivery. So after we receive it, we need install it. Please see the guide picture below.
air ring cnc router vacuum pump filter installation and hose connection

1. Please take down the black cover and the hole appeared is for filter installation.

2. Please install the filter in the hole with tape as the picture shows. The use of tape is to ensure seal performance.

3. Please connect the vacuum hose with the end of the filter as the picture shows. Please use the hose clamp to fix the connection well.

Second – Do Wiring for The Air Ring CNC Router Vacuum
cnc router air ring vacuum pump wiring guide

1. Please open the cover by lossen the four screws, and the wiring terminals are appeared.

2. Please do wiring with power supply. 

Third- Test the Rotation Direction for the CNC Router Air Ring Vacuum Pump

Please power on the vacuum pump, and to see the rotating direction is the same with the arrow marker which is on the vacuum motor or not. If same, then ok. If not, please exchange any two cables of U V W.   

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