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How to Make CNC Spindle Water Cooling Pump Work

CNC spindle water cooling pump is a type of submersible water pump, which is an necessary accessory for cnc router with water cooling spindle. Its function is to chill the spindle motor via water circulation. According to our past experience, many users will come to ask us how to connect the pump or how to make it start work after they received the cnc router machine. Here, we are writing this article to answer the question and hope it is helpful for you. 
cnc spindle water cooling pump

Normally, you should get a spindle water cooling pump together with a water tank.

Step 1. Please put the spindle water pump in the water tank.

Step 2. Please inject clean water into the water tank. How much water needs to be injected? CNC spindle water cooling pump must be fully immersed in water, the height of water should be 2 times of height of submersible water pump.

Step 3. Please connect the inlet hose of the spindle to the submersible water pump and put the outlet hose in the water tank. This forms a water circulation. Please refer to the following schematic diagram.

cnc spindle water pump connection diagram

Step 4. Turn on the cnc spindle water cooling pump, and the water circulation cooling system starts working.

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Some important tips for using cnc spindle water cooled pumps

Tip 1. Before using the pump, please make sure the rated voltage marked on the nameplate and the voltage of actual use is consistent.

Tip 2. When installing, removing and cleaning the pump, you must unplug the power plug to ensure safety.

Tip 3. The filter canister and foam must be cleaned timely, so as to get normal water inlet and best filter.

Tip 4. If the cnc spindle water cooling pump has been a serious collision, please check the pump, if damage, please stop use immediately.

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