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It is the Trend to Use Machine Instead of Human in Furniture Industry | Industry News

It is the world of artificial intelligence in future. Artificial intelligence may rescue the furniture manufacturing industry which faces the plight of increasing labor costs and increasing manpower shortage.

It's a bit of a fuss to talk about this topic now. After all, the furniture factory is mainly by manual operation, and is facing with a large labor gap. However, the disappearing dividend of the population is forcing furniture companies to make a difference in "automation" with the use of internal and external resources.

Enterprises in the forefront of furniture automation and intelligent production are gradually are gradually making these processes automated: first of all, process that produces volatile gases and leads to occupational diseases, such as spraying, with robots instead of human hands, "zero volatilization, zero formaldehyde, zero pollution"; second, the process of raw material cutting or drilling is usually completed by professional nest based 3D wood cut cnc router. Some factories are more than 60% automated. EagleTec provides full range of cnc router machines for furniture industry.
cnc router with auto loading for kitchen furniture office furniture

The first step in the automation of furniture factories is to rearrange the whole operation flow, and to measure and examine the benefit difference between the robot and the human; let some key processes automate partially, and thus improve the efficiency of production greatly. The second step is to speed up the flow of information in the whole process of operation, such as raw materials and products' warehousing and outgoing, and this process will cut off a large number of labor, such as finance, HR, etc.

At present, most of the factories in process of importing automation and semi-automatic equipments are medium and large scale plate furniture or office furniture factories.

As everyone knows, for small furniture factories, profit are getting lower and lower, it is difficult for them to have the money to buy expensive automatic production line. Seeing from the whole furniture industry, more varieties of products, panel furniture, upholstered furniture, solid wood furniture, hardware furniture, their production technology and process are very different. The production of each kind of furniture product involves more than ten processes. It is impossible to use automated assembly line all at once. Only parts of the processes realize CNC and automation. Therefore, automation will not only accelerate the shuffling of the furniture factories, but also raise the gap between the subdivision of the furniture.

The "unmanned factory" is still the trend of the development of the furniture industry. It is the trend of the times that the machine instead of people and let people engage in creative work, and the furniture industry will be transformed from labor intensive to a smart industry. However, furniture workers don't have to be overly scared. According to the current level of development, it still takes a lot of time to replace human labor with robots on a larger scale. And in the course of the transformation, new posts will appear, and the training for the workers to adapt to the new post will increase also.

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