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Troubleshooting for CNC Router Vacuum Table and Vacuum Pump | Troubleshooting

The advantages of cnc router vacuum table are: first it can firmly fix the material sheet, no dislocation will happen when engraving; compared with clamp table cnc router, vacuum table cnc router can engrave to the edge of the material sheet so as to save the materials. Second, the wood sheet is firmly adsorbed on the table by the negative pressure which is generated by the vacuum pump, and the whole clamping process is not more than ten seconds. The efficiency is high and the speed is fast. It is very suitable for line carving jobs of wooden doors and panel furniture.

While, there may be some problems in the use of it, and here we are looking at the most common problems and their troubleshooting, hope it is helpful to you.

Problem: cnc router vacuum table does not adsorb, vacuum pump does not turn without suction or reversal


1) Please check the voltage of between the vacuum motor cables

2) For water ring vacuum pump, first please check the water in it is enough or not; second, please check the vacuum motor is stuck or not, removes the motor fan shield and rotate center shaft.

3) The filter in vacuum pump is blocked, please clean up

4) There is air leakage on the table, pipe or hose, please repair it

5) If the motor is reversal, please change any two cables between U V W on the motor to change the rotation direction of the motor

Problem: the adsorption power of cnc router vacuum table is not strong


1) Please check if there is air leakage near the pipes, valves or any connection point.

2) Please check the PVC table is flat or not. 

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