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Top Eight Useful Tips on Extending CNC Router Spindle Service Life

All electric spindles used on computerized routers are maintenance-free ones. But that doesn't mean we can do nothing on taking care the spindle. To make sure that it lasts as long as possible, it need to be performed in correct and proper way. In this post, we are looking at eight useful tips on extend computerized wood router spindle's service life.

Tip 1. Please start machining after the spindle speed RPM reach its maximum value. Some operator make machine start cutting before the spindle reach max.RMP, this wrong operation will do harm to spindle bearing and result in shorten its life. 

Tip 2. Please set up proper feeding speed for your computerized router table according to different jobs or materials.  Improper feeding speed will affect the spindle life negatively. 

Tip 3. In the first time to run a new spindle, no matter it is a water cooled spindle or air cooling one, after it installed on computerized routers for wood, it is better to start at low speed 6,000 rpm and increase by 3,000 rpm after every 10 minutes running. We can use it normally after it up to Max. rpm 24,000 or 18,000 according to different spindle motor specification. This is because that bearings inside new spindle need to be preheated. Furthermore, in order to extend the service life of computer controlled router spindle, it is better to start trial operation for 10-15 minutes before we use it normally. When we build the machine, EagleTec do same like this on every machine.

Tip 4. Please use dynamic balance spindle nuts. Using spindle nut with dynamic balance treatment can reduce noise and vibration of spindle. So it can prolong the service life of spindle. Learn more about this point, please click here

Tip 5. The air-cooled spindle is cooled by a coaxial fan mounted at the rear. To ensure the cooling effect, please do not make the air spindle run below 7000rpm.

Tip 6. The electric spindle must not be knocked on at any time, including when the cutting tool is changed. Otherwise, the ball of the spindle bearing will hit a small hole in the outer ring and the inner ring of the bearing, thereby damaging the high-speed bearing. The result is that the bearing is completely damaged after a short period of using. The phenomenon is that the spindle rotor is completely immobile.

Tip 7. The router cutting bit must be sharp, otherwise it will increase the load of the spindle, decrease the machining efficiency, increase the vibration, reduce the life of the spindle, and accelerate the wear of the spindle bearing.

Tip 8. The air-cooled spindle should avoid dust entering from the fan at the rear of the spindle.

Hope it is helpful for you after reading this post. 

                                                                                                  Original post from Jinan EagleTec CNC Machinery Co.,Ltd. 

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