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Interference or Signal Disturb Solution Guide for CNC Router Machines

The cnc router machine does not work properly suddenly, both the mechanical part and the electronic part has been checked, but still can not find out where the reason is from, have you ever had such bad experience? EagleTec has some solutions here, hope it is helpful for you. EagleTec is committed to cnc router machines and router parts replacement one-stop shopping.

The most possible reason for this is that your cnc machine has encountered interference issue. Basic cnc router usually use stepper motors and drivers, while some stepping motors and drives do not use aluminum, titanium, and magnesium alloy shells for magnetic shielding. Therefore, it interferes with the highly sensitive CNC controller, which makes it unable to work properly, resulting in the failure of communication between the single chip and the upper computer of the control system. Therefore, if we want the machine to work again, we must solve the problem of interference.

EagleTec technical team suggests that the following actions can be taken:

Please add power filter on woodworking router machine to reduce AC power pollution.

Please do earthing for these items: the ground of the power filter, the driver PE( ground), the control pulse and the direction pulse short connection lead line, the motor ground wire. Adds the protective sleeve between the driver and the motor cable. The drive shield wire is connected to the earthing post on the wall of the electronic cabinet and requires good contact.

Please increase the distance between the signal control cable, the power cable(L, N) and the motor power cable (U, V, W) as far as possible, and the crossing between these cables should be avoided.

Please use top quality high soft shielding cables for your cnc machines to avoid the interference issue.

After the above treatment, the problem of engraving machine interference can be effectively solved.

EagleTec took these risks into consideration before the machine started production, so we all use non-interference stepping motors in our selection. Original Stable driver with aluminum alloy shell (no interference), top quality flexible shielded cable and cnc system produced by original manufacturer, and with the attention in assembly, keep our machine away from interference hidden trouble. Buy our cnc router, you won't have trouble from interference. Of course, the choice of these good components will inevitably lead to an increase in cost, and just this small part will cost about $700 more than the average machine.

Price reflects value, value reflects machine quality. As a consumer, you must be well aware of how to choose. There's only one advantage to cheap things, and that's cheap.

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