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What to Do If Your RichAuto Handheld Controller Display in Chinese?

RichAuto handheld controller is very common to see on cnc wood router machines especially on basic 3 axis cnc router or cnc machine for 4x8 plywood.  Sometimes, after we upgrade the firmware or recover to factory settings, the language of the handheld controller may automatically return to Chinese because Chinese is the default language setting. When this happen, what to do? 

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RichAuto handheld controller AutoNow-A11

If your RichAuto handheld controller display in Chinese, please do not worry, you just need to follow our instructions below, and your controller will be in English again. It’s an easy job.

Four steps total:

First step, please press the “MENU” key on handheld controller keyboard.

Second step, from top to bottom, move the cursor to line No.3, and press “ORIGIN/OK” key on keyboard.

Third step, from top to bottom, move the cursor to line No.1, and press “ORIGIN/OK” key on keyboard of RichAuto controller.

Forth step, now you will see the English option on the controller display, move the cursor to it, and press “ORIGIN/OK” key.  

English is language now, the job finished. 

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