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How to Make Job Drawing for EagleTec CNC Wood Lathe | CNC Wood Lathe Tutorials

CNC wood lathe is one popular machine of us, which are mainly used in the production of Roman columns, stair balustrades, furniture legs and baseball bats. It is a turning machine that can cut the square wood with fast speed. The average time to complete a baluster is only about 1 minute. In order to turn a variety of banister, we must first have drawings of the balusters, or it can be called design drawings. In this post, we are looking at how to make drawing for EagleTec cnc wood lathe. And hope it is helpful for you. 

Our wood lathes can directly read drawings in format of ***.dxf, so generally we use AutoCAD software to make design drawings. As long as we have DXF drawings, we can make the machine to turn, no need to create toolpath via ArtCAM software any more. So it becomes pretty easy to learn how to make the drawing for EagleTec wood lathe machine. Okay, now we start: 

Let’s say we have a square wood block with size 60x60x150mm, and we want to make a column from it by EagleTec automatic wood lathe machine
Please see drawing below, the side - length of the four sides of the wood is 60mm, and accordingly, the diagonal length is 84.85 mm. Because for the square, the diagonal length is 1.414 times the side - length. (60x1.414=84.85mm)
square wood block drawing diagram of cnc wood lathe

When drawing, we only draw the part from the center line to the left, which is the left half. Our design is to be created in the space between the left boundary line and the center line. The corresponding size of this space is half of the diagonal, that is, 42mm, and the deepest part of the workpiece must be less than 42mm, otherwise the wood will be break. Please refer to drawing below:
cnc wood lathe job drawing diagram tutorials

We just look the left half of the drawing, and please try to understand the points below.

The white part close to the left boundary line is the part to be cut off.

The shadow part close to the central line is the part to be retained.

The block red line is the trace (path) of the wood turning tools (chisel).

42mm is the half size of diagonal line. 

18mm is the depth of first cut and last cut.

100mm is the total length of the design. 

Photo on right side is the actual finished job from the left side drawing.  

The above is the rule that should be followed in drawing. Let's take a look at the specific steps of the EagleTec wood lathe design drawing now. 

Step 1. In AutoCAD software, select the line, open the orthogonal mode, draw two lines that are perpendicular to each other. 
cnc wood lathe tutorials for drawing step 1-guide line made

Step 2. Select the line in the vertical direction, click the offset, input value 42mm, press Enter, and click on the left side of the vertical line to generate the offset line. The new line here is the left boundary line of the drawing.
computerized wood lathe guide for pattern step 2-left boundary made

Step 3. Select the line in the horizontal direction, click the offset, input 100mm, press Enter, and click on the upper side of the line to generate the offset line. The new line here is the top boundary line of the drawing. How long you need to process, enter the appropriate value. For example, you want to process 100mm long, then input 100 here. So until now, we have determined the 4 boundaries of the drawing. The design will be drawn within the four boundaries, which is the space represented by the shaded portion of the image below.
cnc wood turning lathe manual for design step 3-top boundary made

Step 4. Draw patterns inside the 4 borders according to your needs.
woodturning equipment guide manual for drawing step 4-draw patterns

Step 5. Draw the bottom and top guide line. (process start and end)

Step 6. Delete all reference lines. Until now, the drawing finished. But there is last step also.
cnc wood turning machine guide for drawing step 6-drawing finished

Step 7. Move the coordinate origin to the lower left corner of our finished drawing.
automatic wood lathe manual for design step 7-move coordinate origin

Now, the drawing can be taken to the wood lathe for process purpose.

To better understand, please watch the video tutorials below. 

If need any clarification, please feel free to contact us.  

In next course, we are going to see some key points you need to know about cnc wood lathe job programming.


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