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CNC Wood Lathe Tutorials: How to Make A Design for Broaching

Turning and broaching are the two main functions of the EagleTec cnc wood lathe. Earlier we talked in detail how to make a CAD drawing of the wood-turning. Here we are going to look at for broaching, how to make the design via AutoCAD software.

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EagleTec cnc wood lathe machine picture

As we know, broaching is the next step of wood turning in machining procedure. And the broaching area is only part of turning area. For this point, please refer to the picture below.
wood broaching area and turning area diagram

To make the design for broaching, we only need to modify the wood turning design slightly. Of course, the premise is that the turning file is well saved in your PC first. Let’s take a look at how to do this step by step.

Step 1. Please open the wood turning design in AutoCAD software. 
complete wood turning design in autocad software picture

Step 2. In the drawing, the part that needs to be grooved is retained, and the rest is deleted.
broaching part marked picture
broaching part retained and others deleted picture

Step 3. The broaching depth is defined by making two line segments at the top and bottom of the broaching line.
broaching depth picture diagram

Step 4. Set the coordinate origin to the lower left corner of the drawing content.
coordinate origin is at lower left corner picture

Step 5. Save it with file extension *.dxf
file extension picture

All the job is done until now.

For a better understanding, please watch the video guide below. 

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