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Handheld Marking Machine with 20w Fiber Laser
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Handheld Marking Machine with 20w Fiber Laser
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EagleTec handheld marking machine ET-FL20H is equipped with best Chinese brand Raycus 20w fiber laser source. The marking head can be taken down by hand. This design gives machine more possibility on range of application especially when you wanna make marker on big object which is impossible to load on marking table. Handheld design is an ideal solution for jobs like this. Except using in handheld way, it can be used as portable marking machine as well. So we can say, this handheld marking machine is two in one model. 

Handheld marking machine photos from different view for your refence
EagleTec handheld marking machine


The model ET-FL20H is good for engraving and marking on electronic component, nameplate, integrated circuits (IC), mobile cover, gift, electrical appliances, mobile phone keypad, steel knife, jewelry, carton, bags, glasses, auto parts, and more.


Marking Samples
marking samples from fiber laser marking machine


1. Design of handheld offers a wide range of application on objects will be marked.

2. Handheld marker ET-FL20H is a two in one machine, portable and handheld. 

3. Fast marking speed and low cost in use.

4. The fiber laser source is free maintenance and with service life over 100,000 hours.

5. Marker is durable and permanent.


Technical Parameter of handheld marking machine

Model No | ET-FL20H

Laser Power | 20W

Optional Laser Power | 10W, 30W

Wave Length of Laser | 1064nm

Marking Size | 110x110mm

Optional Marking Size | 70x70mm, 200x200mm

Marking Line Width | 0.01 ~ 0.1mm

Marking Depth | 0.01 ~ 5mm (vary according to materials)

Maximum Marking Speed | 7,000mm/s

Power Supply | 220V, 50Hz, 500W

Cooling Ways | Force-air Cooling

Support of Format | PLT, BMP, DXF, JPG, TIF, AI and more


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