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3 Axis CNC Router Engraving Machine with Vacuum Pump Table
Product Name:
3 Axis CNC Router Engraving Machine with Vacuum Pump Table
No. :
EagleTec ET-1325SV | 1300x2500x200mm working size | Vacuum table | 3kw water spindle | Stepper | RichAuto DSP | YAKO2811MA stepping driver | Taiwan linear guides

3 axis cnc router engraving machine is the most common type cnc router machine, generally refers to a machine with (X Y Z) three axes total. This type machine can be with one head or multi heads according to different production requirement. This 4x8 cnc router for sale is with one head and with vacuum working table. The spindle motor adopts water cooling one, which is more suitable for long time continuous machining. Working table is two in one design, can fix material by vac-sorb as well as by clamp. The unique industrial plug design makes the electronic components of the router machine more stable and durable. This machine is ideal solution for general uses and beginners. Can do cutting, carving, slotting, milling etc.  
3 axis cnc router engraving machine

To better understand how it works, please see the video with this URL:

Kind reminder: please copy the url here and paste to your browser then you will see the working video of this 3 axis cnc router machine. 

3 Axis CNC Machine
Applicable Materials

All types of wood, PVC, plastic, MDF, and others non-metallic materials


Main Configuration of three axis cnc engraving machine 

1. 1300x2500x200mm working size 

2. 3.0kw water cooling spindle

3. Stepping driver YAKO2811

4. Stepping motor 450B

5. Richauto DSP controller A11

6. Vacuum router table, with 5.5kw water ring vacuum pump

7. Container Loading Capacity: 5PCS/20GP, 12PCS/40HQ (SKD condition)

eagletec cnc router details 

Optional Configuration of 3 axis cnc wood router

1. Spindle

Water cooling 4.5kw, 5.5kw

Air cooling spindle kit 3.5kw, 4.5kw, 6.0kw, 7kw

2. Driving motor 

Easy servo: Leadshine hybrid servo, YAKO 

Stepper driver: Leadshine DMA860H

3. Controller

Weihong DSP NK105G2

NC studio 3 axis control card

4. Vacuum Pump

Air ring 5.5kw, 160CBM
Note: the optional configurations listed above can be collocated to suit your needs. 


Optional Equipment:

Dust collector

Technical Parameter of three axis cnc router ET-1325SV

XY Working Size | 4×8 feet (1300x2500mm)

Z Feeding Height | 200mm

Machining Precision | 0.1mm / 100mm

Max. Idle Running Speed | 35,000/min

Max. Routing Speed | 20,000mm/min

Drive Motor | Big torque stepping

Spindle | Water cooling 3.0kw, variable speed 0-24,000RPM

Controller | DSP A11 (Richauto)

Working Table | T-slot style vacuum platform

Vacuum Pump | Water-ring, 5.5kw, 230CBM/h air flow

XY Transmission | Helical rack and pinion

Z Transmission | TBI Rolling balls crew

XYZ Linear | PMI rail and bearing, origin from Taiwan

Working Power | AC380V/50-60Hz, 3 Phase 4 Wires

Max. Power Consumption | 12KW (include vacuum pump, exclude dust collector)

Net Weight | 1200KGS

Please watch the video below to see how it works. 

Please watch the photo album below to see more detailed picture of this 3 axes cnc router. 


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