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Air Cooled Spindle DIY CNC Spindle Kit 3.5kw 4.5kw 6.0kw 2.2kw 18000RPM
Product Name:
Air Cooled Spindle DIY CNC Spindle Kit 3.5kw 4.5kw 6.0kw 2.2kw 18000RPM
No. :
GDZ105x102-3.5, GDZ120x103-4.5, GDZ120x103-6, GDZ120x103-7.5, GDZ93x82-3.5, GDZ93x85-2.2, GDZ93x85-1.5 Origin: made in China

Air cooled spindle is widely used on basic cnc router and nesting cnc router machines. Air cooled means the spindle motor is cooled by air via an electric fan which is mounted on top end of the spindle. Unlike water cooled spindle, the air spindle no needs connect to a water cycle. Also due to this point, the air cooled spindle is better for cutting and milling than engraving jobs. This air cooled spindle product is Chinese brand whose country of origin is China. 
If you are looking for Italian spindle, please click HSD brand original Italian spindle

Normally the air cooled spindle kit is requested from these two purpose:

1) diy a cnc router

2) maintenance for a cnc router (Please click here to see the air cooled spindle 6 pin connector wiring diagram)

If you are looking for 6 pin connector for air cooled spindle, please click 6 pin connector order guide

air cooled spindle

Air cooled spindle brand we provide:

Changsheng(CS), HQD and all the other Chinese brands models include GDZ105x102-3.5, GDZ120x103-4.5, GDZ120x103-6, GDZ120x103-7.5, GDZ93x82-3.5, GDZ93x85-2.2, GDZ93x85-1.5, GDF46-18Z/1.5, GDF46-18Z/2.2, GDF46-18Z/3.5, GDF60-18Z/4.5, GDF60-18Z/6.0, GDF60-18Z/7.5 and more. 
Country of Origin: China


Available Power:

2.2kw, 3.5kw, 4.5kw, 6.0kw, 7kw
cnc spindle kit  

Features of Air Cooled Spindle

1. The air cooled spindle body is made of high quality aluminum material. It is smooth, clean and does not rust. Double tests are carried out before delivery.

2. The rotary precision is high, and the precise steel ball holder is adopted, this guarantees the turning accuracy of the spindle motor in high speed grinding.

3. Fan cooling is more convenient. As the water cooling spindle motor needs to connect the water pump, so you need a tank to fill the water, you also need to connect the water pipe, especially it is easy to get freeze in cold place, and some customers may find it troublesome. While air-cooled spindle motor will not have such troubles.
electric spindle gdz93x82-3.5 air cooled 3.5kw ER25 18000rpm


To learn more details between air spindle and water spindle, please click here.

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