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Stepping Driver CWD860H CNC Router Spare
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Stepping Driver CWD860H CNC Router Spare
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Stepping driver CWD860H adopts a 32 bit DSP processor, which can drive 35-130 series of bipolar and three-phase stepping motors. The optimized control parameters can be generated automatically for different motors. CNC router driver CWD860H plays a greater role in motor performance to make the motion of the motor ultra smooth, ultra-low noise and ultra low fever.


Stepping driver CWD860H is used in such equipments: cnc router, cnc fiber laser nameplate marking machine, cnc plasma cutting machine, laser machine, graphic plotter, cnc machine and more. It can meet the requirements of users for low vibration, small noise, high precision and high speed. 

cnc router driver cwd860h

Features of Stepping Driver CWD860H

1) High performance and low price

2) The built-in micro step

3) Automatic semi flow when stop

4) Online adaptive PID Technology

5) Photoelectric isolated signal input and output

6) The pulse response frequency is up to 200KHZ

7) Low temperature rise and low vibration


Technical Parameter of CNC Router Driver CWD860H

Brand | CW-MOTOR

Model | CWD860H

Control Mode | 32 bit DSP vector closed loop control system

Working Voltage | 40 ~ 80V (AC) or 60 ~ 110V (DC)

Peak Current | 7.2A

Protection | semi-flow, self-check, over-current, over-voltage

Pulse Limit Frequency | 200KHZ

Adaptive Motor | 57 or 86 series bipolar hybrid stepping motor


Parameter Setup

The CWD860H driver uses a 8 bit toggle switch to set the subdivision, the running current, and the quiescent semi flow. 

SW1, SW2 and SW3 are for running current setup.

SW4 is for semi flow setup.

SW5, SW6, SW7 and SW8 are for subdivision setup.


Interface Introduction of CWD860H Stepping Driver

Direction signal: DIR+ is direction signal positive end; DIR- is direction signal negative end; direction signal controls motor running direction.

Pulse signal: PUL+ is the positive end of the pulse signal; PUL- is the negative end of the pulse signal; the pulse signal controls the motor motion, and each pulse signal makes stepping motor move one step.

AC: connecting power supply, requirement 40 ~ 80V (AC) or 60 ~ 110V (DC)

A+ A- : A phase of bipolar stepping motor

B+ B- : B phase of bipolar stepping motor

cwd860h driver wiring diagram

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