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Stepping Motor 86BYGH450B 85BYGH450B CNC Router Spare
Product Name:
Stepping Motor 86BYGH450B 85BYGH450B CNC Router Spare
No. :
86BYGH450B|85BYGH450B / NEMA34

Brief: 86BYGH450B is new model number of stepping motor, the old model number is 85BYGH450B. So actually, both are the same. Stepping motor 86BYGH450B is the most popular motor used on cnc router. Sometimes, this stepping motor is called NEMA 34 bipolar stepping motor. NEMA 34 refers to the motor flange size; bipolar stepper motor is the motor who has two phase. Stepper motor is made of stainless steel and engineering plastics; the product is not rusty; wear resistance and compression resistance is very strong, long service life. Using high-precision equipment and manufacturing process to ensure high precision and reliable quality.
Looking for model 86BYGH450A/85BYGH450A? Please click stepper motor 86B/85BYGH450A 
stepping motor 86bygh450b 85bygh450b cnc router spare

What is the price of 86BYGH450B stepping motor? Reference price is USD45 per piece without shipping. As the price is changed according to exchange rate, please
contact us for the exact price before you order.


Package of stepping motor 86BYGH450B is carton with foam protection inside. Ensure the motor to avoid bump damage during storage and transport.


Kind reminder: when you order, please clear the diameter of motor shaft (12.7 or 14mm), also with keyway or without.


Parameter of Stepping Motor 86BYGH450B (85BYGH450B)
Currency: 5A

Step Angle 1.8°

Phase:  Two

Holding Torque: 60kg/cm =5.88N.M =840 OZ-IN

Shaft Diameter: 12.7 / 14mm

Radial Runout: 0.02mm Max

Axial Runout: 0.1 – 0.3mm

450B Stepper Motor Net Weight: 3.5kg 

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