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CNC Routers for Woodworking Slat Wall Making Wood Router EA-1325VT
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CNC Routers for Woodworking Slat Wall Making Wood Router EA-1325VT
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CNC Routers for woodworking jobs are one type of cnc router machines. Woodworking is the biggest application field in which the cnc router has been used. Many customers take this machine to make wood door, cabinet, bed, chair, slat wall and more. This wood cnc EA-1325VT, with 4.5kw air cooled woodworking spindle, stepping motor 86BYGH450B (cutting speed can reach 15m/min), richauto DSP controller (user friendly and simple), is a perfect solution for wood engraving and wood cutting. T-slot vacuum table can help you to hold the wood sheet fast, tightly and easily. Based on the efficiency considerations, we have equipped the cnc router machine with the Z axis automatic calibration tool setting device. An embedded electronic cabinet design, make this wood router smaller footprint, saving space and building cost for you. 
cnc routers for woodworking and slat wall making EA-1325VT

As woodworking solution, cnc router EA-1325VT can be applied to such jobs: cabinet making, door making, wood panel MDF MFC cutting, slat wall making, speaker making, guitar making, chairs making, bed making and more. Besides these, this wood cnc router can do such jobs as well: sign making, art works, signage indoor & outdoor, engraving& bas-relief, 3d letters, funeral, architectural decoration elements, kitchen cabinet & door, facades & curtainwall, column & balustrade and more.


CNC Routers for Woodworking and Slat Wall Making EA-1325VT have such features

Max. 1300x2500mm or 4x8 feet working size

200mm Z axis stroke

Gantry height 200mm

380V/3Ph, 4 wire power supply

T-slot vacuum table with four vacuum zones

7.5kw water ring vacuum pump, working with 380v power supply

4.5kw air cooled woodworking electric high speed spindle

Stepping motors with big torque

Helical rack and pinion transmission on X&Y

TBI rolling ballscrew on Z

Origin Taiwan PMI linear guide and bearing

Richauto DSP A11 cnc motion controller

Unique industrial grade power supply plug design

Central lubrication system with big size divider


EagleTec provides full range of cnc router machines includes cnc routers for woodworking, sign making cnc router, nesting cnc router for panel furniture, cabinet making cnc router, slat wall making cnc router and more.


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