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Linear ATC CNC Router EA2040 with 9KW HSD Automatic Tool Change Spindle 2000x4000mm
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Linear ATC CNC Router EA2040 with 9KW HSD Automatic Tool Change Spindle 2000x4000mm
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Brief: Linear atc cnc router (short for linear auto tool changer cnc router) EA-2040LAT is designed specially for cabinet, panel furniture or modern furniture production purpose. Why say like that? Every woodworker knows that, we have to use multiple cutter tools (router bits) to finish one job of panel furniture. Features of panel furniture production are that they need multiple tools to finish, but each tool machining will not take long time, just several minutes. In process of panel furniture production, cnc router with automatic tool changer is not need to stop until the whole panel machining finished because we put different tools in one file. Suppose to use a cnc router machine without atc for same job, we need to stop machine in every process of tool changing and set again origin point after tool changed. This operation is not only waste on time but also cause low precision on the jobs. This is because there is more than one origin point in the whole operation. While, the linear atc cnc router optimizes this process. The machine EA-2040LAT is equipped with linear type auto tool changer; 9.0KW HSD automatic tool change spindle; 8 position tool storage; ac servo driving system with planetary gear transmission system; industrial computer SYNTEC cnc controller.
linear atc cnc router EA-2040LAT 

Applicable Industry

Linear atc cnc router EA-2040LAT is ideal for panel furniture field (also know as plate furniture or modern furniture) include cabinet, kitchen furniture, office furniture, bed, bedroom furniture, closet, wood door, wardrobe, wall art dector panel and more.


Applicable Materials

Linear atc cnc router EA-2040LAT is good for materials like Solid wood, MDF, Acrylic, ACM, Melamine, Copper, Phenolic, Brass, Plywood, Aluminum, HDPE, PVC, Solid Surface, Foam, White expanded PVC


Machining Capacity

Pattern routing, mortises, edge works, dados, rabbets, shallow groove and more.

Linear ATC Sytems Advantage 
1) tool is changed automatically 
2) linear tool storage is economic, and very reliable on performance 
So, it is very suitable for projects that requires frequent cutter changes. One file to handle everything, truly improve processing efficiency and machining accuracy. 


Main Configuration of EA-2040LAT

1) Linear type tool storage with 8 positions

2) Origin Italy HSD 9.0KW automatic tool change spindle, ER32, 0-24000RPM

3) AC servo driving system

4) Planetary gear transmission system (not belt type)

5) Origin Taiwan HIWIN or PMI Guideway

6) SYNTEC industrial computer controller


Optional Configuration of Linear ATC CNC Router EA-2040LAT

1) Spindle can be changed to Chinese brand 9.0KW.

2) Linear tool storage can be 10 positions or 12 positions.


Features of Whole Machine

1) Planetary gear instead of belt gear transmission, improves the stability and accuracy of the machine.

2) Close loop AC servo driving system, fast, precise, smooth running and good acceleration and deceleration.

3) Linear type auto tool changer design, good performance on tool changing stability.
linear type auto tool changer on linear atc router

4) Vaccum table is divided into 8 small vacuum zones; it is convenient for small sheet holding.

5) All the linear guides are centrally lubricated from a central system. 

6) More size options available for you, to learn more, please click linear atc cnc router EA-1530LAT and linear atc cnc router EA-1325LAT

7) User friendly tool holder locking fixtures design makes the installation and removal of the router bits very simple and convenient. 
tool holder locking fixtures on eagletec linear atc cnc router

Technical Parameter of Linear Auto Tool Change CNC Router

Stroke (XYZ) | 2000x4000x300mm

Feeding Height | 300mm

Driving Motor | AC Servo (Yaskawa or Delta)

Electric Spindle | Italy HSD 9.0KW auto tool change spindle, 0-24000RPM

Tool Storage | Linear Type, 8 positions

Tool Holder| ISO30, 8 pieces provided for free

Collet Size | ER32, available diameter of router bits range from 3.175 to 18mm

Controller | SYNTEC

Command | G code

Clamp Type | Vacuum and clamp, both work

Vacuum Pump | 5.5KW, water-ring, 230CBM/hour flow rate

XY Transmission | Helical rack and pinion, Planetary gear

Z Transmission | Taiwan TBI rolling ballscrew

Linear Guide | Origin Taiwan HIWIN or PMI

Max. Traveling Speed | 60,000mm/min

Max. Cutting Speed | 45,000mm/min

Working Power | AC 380V/50-60Hz, 3 Ph 4 Wire

Max. Power Consumption | 22KW

Net Weight | 1600KGS


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