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CNC Wood Turning Lathe for Baluster with Gymbals Spindle - 4 Axis
Product Name:
CNC Wood Turning Lathe for Baluster with Gymbals Spindle - 4 Axis
No. :
EA-TL1530ST4 - Single Rotary Axis Two Cutter and Spindle | Maximum simultaneous axis quantity when carving: four (x, y, z, rotary)

Brief: this product is cnc wood turning lathe machine, with one axis (axis here refers to rotary), two blades, adjustable gymbals and spindle. It has function of turning, broaching2.5D engraving and 3D sculpture carving, which is a fully function machine. X, Y, Z and rotary can be simultaneous engraving. This is a real four axis wood turning lathe. It performs better on carving jobs than 3 axis wood cnc lathe. Working size is 300mm (Dia) by 1500mm (Length). The two blades design increases the turn machining speed by one time. With gymbals and spindle configuration, the machine can complete jobs of broaching and engraving. CNC wood turning machine is always applied to industries like baluster, pillar, banister, column, table legs, chair legs, bed rails, baseball bat, nunchakus and more.
cnc wood turning lathe for making baluster pillar banister with gimbals spindle 
one axis two blades cnc wood turning lathe
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One Axis Two Blades CNC Wood Turning Lathe Machine with Gymbals Spindle Features

1. The cnc wood turning lathe body is fully casting iron to ensure the rigidity, stability and accuracy of the lathe.
casting iron lathe body of cnc wood turning lathe machine 

2. Adopting User-friendly Richauto DSP controller A122 which is specially designed for woodworking cnc lathe machines and supports four axis simultaneous. Lathe is operated independently, no need via a computer.

3. Adopt Taiwan TBI ball screw and Taiwan HIWIN square guide rail with high transmitting precision and longevity.

4. Compatible with several CAD/CAM design software, e.g. type3, artcam, AutoCAD etc. For turn-milling and broaching, just draw the pattern in AutoCAD and save as DXF file, then input DXF file into DSP, it reads the file and start machining. 
5. Rotating speed is adjusted by inverter, and the speed data is shown on controlling cabinet panel. 
6. One time tool setting to finish the whole work piece.
baluster making cnc wood turning lathe details view

CNC Wood Turning Lathe Parameters

Model No. | EA-TL1530ST4 (One Rotary Axis Two Blades)

Number of Rotary Axis | One

Number of Blades for Each Rotary | Two

Broaching Spindle | with spindle and adjustable gymbals
Maximum simultaneous axis quantity for carving | Four - X, Y, Z, Rotary
CNC Controller | Richauto DSP A122 (support four axis simultaneous)
Communication Code | DXF, G code 

Working Diameter Range | 20mm – 300mm

Working Length Range | 100mm – 1500mm

Feeding Speed Range | 0 – 3000 rpm

Air Pressure Requirement | 0.6 – 0.8 Mpa

Turning Motor | servo motor (not losing step, specially better for carving)

Spindle Motor | 3.5KW, air cooled, ER25 collet
Inverter | Fuling - 2PCS
Driver | YAKO YKA2811MA - 4PCS

Power Supply Requirement | AC380V, 3Ph 4 Wires

Electric Frequency Requirement | 50Hz

Lathe Weight | 1500KGS

Packing Dimension | 3150x1220x1680mm (6.46CBM)

Machining Capacity | turn-milling, broaching, turn-broaching, flat and rotary engraving, 3D sculpture carving

Important reminder: Please click how to make a DXF job file for EagleTec cnc wood lathe to see full details. Also, after your purchase, our whole engineer team will be of your service at any time when you need. 

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For better understanding, please watch the working show of this cnc wood lathe here. From the video here, you will see lathe details photos first, and then wood-turning working show and broaching work show.