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Best CNC Wood Lathe For Baseball Bats Banister Balustrade - 2 Rotary 1 Knife
Product Name:
Best CNC Wood Lathe For Baseball Bats Banister Balustrade - 2 Rotary 1 Knife
No. :
EA-TL1530TS - Two Axes Single Cutter

This machine for sale is cnc wood lathe with two axes (axis here refers to rotary), one turning tool, without spindle and gymbals. Based on this configuration, it is the best lathe for baseball bat and has machining capacity of turn-milling only, which is specially ideal for making baseball bats or simple type banister or balustrade. Working size is 300mm (Dia) by 1500mm (Length). Two axes design make the lathe finish two pieces baseball bats at one time. Besides baseball bat, two axes wood cnc lathe is widely applied to other fields like baluster, pillar, banister, column, table legs, chair legs, bed rails, nunchakus and more.

Compared with cnc wood turning lathe EA-TL1530ST , this machine is specially for baseball bats making purpose or other simple type baluster products because it does not have the function of turn-broaching and engraving.

two axes cnc wood lathe for baseball bats

Two Axes Baseball Bat CNC Wood Turning Lathe Features: 

1) Two axes design enables the wood lathe to complete two baseball bats at one time. 

2) The wood lathe body is made of full cast iron, which ensures the stability and accuracy of the machine.

3) Adopt cnc controller special for wood turning machining purpose; the operation is simple and easy to learn.

4) Original HIWIN linear guideway and TBI rolling ballscrew has characters of good precision and durable.

5) Turning motor speed can be controlled.

To better understand the whole process of baseball bats turning, please watch the video below.  


CNC Wood Lathe for Baseball Bat Parameters

Model No. | EA-TL1530TS

Number of Rotary Axis | Two

Number of Blades for Each Rotary | One

Broaching Spindle | without

Working Diameter Range | 20mm – 300mm

Working Length Range | 100mm – 1500mm

Feeding Speed Range | 0 – 3000 rpm

Air Pressure Requirement | 0.6 – 0.8 Mpa

Turning Motor | 4.0KW three - phase asynchronous motor
CNC Controller | Richauto A132S 
Motion Motor | Stepper
Inverter | Fuling DZB280
Driver | YAKO YKA2811MA

Power Supply Requirement | AC380V, 3Ph 4 Wires

Electric Frequency Requirement | 50Hz

Lathe Weight | 1500KGS

Packing Dimension | 3150x1220x1680mm (6.46CBM)

Machining Capacity | turn-milling only

Application | baseball bats making mainly (wood-turning)

To understand how to program a pattern, or how to make a pattern drawing for this wood lathe machine, please click full detailed manual of job pattern making, which covers all details step by step. 


To learn more about this baseball bat cnc wood lathe, please inquire now