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Small Size CO2 Laser Engraver 6040 for Acrylic Cut and Engrave EA-6040LAS
Product Name:
Small Size CO2 Laser Engraver 6040 for Acrylic Cut and Engrave EA-6040LAS
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 This product is CO2 laser engraver model - EA-6040LAS with 60w CO2 laser tube and 600 by 400mm working size. This laser engraving machine is designed specifically for the sign making and gift making industry. If you feel that the power of 60W is small, it can also be equipped with 80W laser tube. EA-6040LAS CO2 laser engraver can be used for both carving and cutting purpose. 
co2 laser engraver ea-6040las from eagletec

Applicable Materials

CO2 laser engraving machine is good for non-metallic materials like acrylic, paper, double color sheet, glass, wood, leather, rubber, ceramic tile, marble and more.

Equipment Application

CO2 laser engraver EA-6040LAS is suitable for sign making, gift, crystal artworks, paper cut, bamboo engraving, graphic – arts, garment leather, photo frame making and more.
co2 laser engraver 6040 machine details picture 


1) EA-6040LAS is a small size CO2 laser engraver which can be used for both engraving and cutting purpose.

2) Design of double linear guideway makes equipment more stable on operation performance.

3) The pull box design makes the waste disposal more convenient.

4) The CO2 laser engraver can be mounted a up and down table as per your request.

5) The equipment has characters of high speed, easy operation, no burr on cutting edge, less waste and high precision.

6) Bigger size 1390 laser cutting machine is available also.

7) As an optional configuration, the high speed motion module can be used to this machine as per your requirement. 
co2 laser engraving machine head with high speed module

Product Technical Parameter

Product Name | CO2 laser engraver

Product Model | EA-6040LAS

Working Size | 600 by 400mm / 24in x 16in

Laser Power | 60W or 80W

Laser Type | CO2 sealed tube

Laser Wave Length | 10.6um

Laser Cooling | Water cooled

Engraving Speed | 0-50000mm/min

Cutting Speed | 0-30000mm/min

Laser Power Control | 1% ~ 100% via software

Red Dot Point | Yes

Minimum Character Size | 1mm x 1mm

Reposition Accuracy | 0.01mm

Compatible File | *PLT,* AI, *BMP, *DST, *DXF

Supported Design Software | ArtCut, CorelDraw, PhotoShop, AutoCAD

Suggested Wearing Part | lens, mirror, laser tube

Machine Power Requirement | 220V / 50Hz, Single Phase

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