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Carbide Woodturning Tools FWCD-L40-R0.5 / R1 / R1.5 Carbide Cutters
Product Name:
Carbide Woodturning Tools FWCD-L40-R0.5 / R1 / R1.5 Carbide Cutters
No. :
Unit Price: USD65/set (shipping cost not included) Available-Models: FWCD-L40-R0.5, FWCD-L40-R1, FWCD-L40-R1.5

This product is carbide woodturning tools for cnc wood turning lathe machines using. The excellent carbide (tungsten) is chosen as the raw material of blade, because its durability is more than 20 times that of the white steel, and also more than 10 times of the high speed steel. This solves the trouble of changing the milling tool frequently, improves the production efficiency and reduces the cost of power consumption. The design of removable, adjustable center height is very convenient for users to use. No matter what kind of cnc wood lathes, the cutter can be adjusted and get the ideal cutting angle; the smooth and clean finishing effect is more than your imagination, and it is convenient to grind in the future use. Carbide woodturning tool is ideal for roughing or finishing jobs on wood. 
carbide cutters for woodturning cnc lathe photo
Full carbide woodturning tool set include:

Blade – 1 piece

Cutter Bar – 1 piece


Screws & gaskets
full carbide woodturning tools set picture

Carbide Cutters for Woodturning Features

1) Angle: the design and sharpness of the cutting angle on both sides of the cutting edge are better than any other carbide woodturning tools.
carbide woodturning tool cutting angle image
Bit: unique design of bit arc and cutting groove makes the finishing excellent; the brightness of wood is guaranteed.

carbide woodturning tool bit photo

3) Blade: 13mm carbideblade (tungsten) can be grinded more than 50 times, greatly improving its service life; the grinding times are at least 3 times of other carbide woodturning tools.The machining quantity can reach more than 5 times of other carbide cutters for woodturning, and the finishing is better than them. 
carbide woodturning tools blade detail picture

4) Stability Performance: the design of four fastening screws and two gaskets can make our blade locked on the cutter bar very steadily, making the machining more stable, and no need worry that it will get loose or slip down in process of machining.
carbide woodturning tools blade fixture image

Carbide Woodturning Tools Specification

Cutter Bar: 40Cr Steel, size 20*20*150mm or 25*25*150mm

Blade: high quality solid carbide (tungsten)

Blade length: 40mm

Cutting angle: 17 degree

Blade tip radius: 0.75mm / 1.0mm / 1.5mm

Blade thickness: 13mm

Blade Hardness: 92.6 HRC
Net weight: 1KG

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Please watch video below regarding this carbide woodturning tools to understand better.