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CNC Router 3D Models Creator Industrial 3D Scanner for STL Files Making
Product Name:
CNC Router 3D Models Creator Industrial 3D Scanner for STL Files Making
No. :
EA-COM16 CNC Router 3D Models Creator

This product is cnc router 3d models creator, which is a industrial 3d scanner for stl files making. CNC router 3d models creator is an accessory equipment of cnc router machines. This scanner equipment works this way: it scans a real object to collect data on its shape and possibly its appearance. The collected data can then be used to construct digital

three-dimensional models in format of stl file. As we know, the tradition method to creat 3d model is by CAM design software, but the industrial 3d scanner makes this job much easier than using software. As long as you have real-world object, you can build 3d models of it via this cnc 3d models creator within several hours only.
cnc router 3d models creator for stl file model making EA-COM16

What benefits does the cnc router 3d models creator bring you?

1. For experienced designers, by using CAM design software, it certainly takes about several days to finish the whole model design stl file. But if you use this 3d models creator, it is just a job which you need spend several hours or perhaps less than one hour to finish. 


2. For beginners, if use the software to build 3D models, first thing they need learn is how to use the software and this course normally needs two or three months. While, if a beginner use industrial 3d scanner to make models, the course to learn how to use scanner only needs 3 or 4 days by self-study. Please noted, just by self-study you can learn how to make your own 3d models, no need to buy any course to learn it. This is very important for beginners.

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industrial 3d scanner for stl files cnc model making ea-com16

CNC 3D Models Creator Application Field

To create 3d models stl files in industry like mold making, automobile molding, tooth mold, industrial detection, sculpture, Euro-style furniture, art works, cast industry, shoes making and more.

Please watch the video below to understand better how it works

CNC Router 3D Models Creator Features

It is usually tripod mounted. Scan data is obtained shot by shot, as a grid of light is projected and laid over the component being scanned. As a scan is completed the grid is modified, and the scanner determines the 3d coordinates by calculating the returned patterns.

CNC 3D Models Scanner Package

Camera and scanner are in strong aluminum case, tripod is in carton, corrector plate is in carton.
cnc router 3d scanner ea-com16 package image 

CNC Router 3D Models Creator Introduction:

1.) Portable design: Small size, small footprint, no nois, easy to disassembly and installation, very convenient to carry.
2.) "One-click" marks all points automatic splicing: Automatic splicing times of scanning data, the process is complete with “one-click”. Without manual intervention, no third party software, to ensure that the data does not appear stratified phenomenon.
3.) Non-contact scanning: Measurement without contact with anything, can easily measure the soft, easy to deformation objects; And can be move scanner when scanning large heavy objects, there is no limit to the trip.
4.) The noise of the point cloud processing and trim:  Can pruning and eliminate noise during scanning and at the end of the scanning. Due to use of high-end industrial lenses and original software de-noising module, can overcome the domestic like product cannot solve noise and floating point problem, save your post-processing and modification time.

Please watch the photo album below to see more clear photos of this cnc router 3D scanner

CNC Router 3D Models Creator Specification

1) Double 1.3M MV Camera made by Germany. 

2) Carame quanity: two 

3) Projector made by USA/Taiwan

4) Tripod made by Taiwan (brand FOTOMATE)

5) Photogrammetry Data Alignment

6) Size per frame: 320×240mm/f[M] 480×360mm/f[L]

7) Scanning Object Size Range: 50mm-5000mm

8) Scanning Accuracy: 0.02mm

9) Mesh: 0.07-0.15mm
10) Net weight 7.5KGS (Scanner only, not include other accessories)

11) Created File Format: STL, PLY, OBJ, ASC, 3D3               


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