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4x4 CNC Router Kit / 48 x 48 / for Plastic and Woodworking / Sign Making Solution
Product Name:
4x4 CNC Router Kit / 48 x 48 / for Plastic and Woodworking / Sign Making Solution
No. :
EagleTec EA-1212SV | 1200x1200x200mm working size | 3.0kw original HSD Spindle | Stepper | YAKO2811MA driver | RichAuto DSP A11 | Taiwan linear guideways

This machine for sale is 4x4 cnc router Model. EagleTec EA-1212SV. Working size is 4x4 feet (48 x 48 inch). Router table is PVC based vacuum adsorption table with aluminum t – slot embedded. Material sheet can be held via vacuum as well as clamp so it is a very user-friendly design. Unlike most 4x4 cnc router kits, EA-1212SV adopts helical rack and pinion as the transmission for X & Y axis. Matched with rack and pinion drive, Y axis adopts dual – motor drive design, one for each side of the gantry. Both points allow EA-1212SV performs faster and stronger than the regular ones which with ball screw transmission on X and Y axes. 
cnc router kit 4x4 front view

EagleTec 4x4 CNC Router EA-1212SV Brief Specification

4x4 (48 x 48) working size

Original HSD Italian air cooled spindle 3.0kw, air cooling

Richauto DSP A11 cnc controller 

Vacuum table & pump

Helical rack and pinion drive on X & Y

Rolling ball screw on Z 

PMI high precision linear guide (original from Taiwan)
4x4 cnc router kit rear view

Machine Application

Our 4x4 cnc router is applied to industry or jobs like wood & plastic working, sign making, 3Dcut, carpentry, art works, decoration wall panels, speaker making and more.

4x4 CNC Router Kit Features

1) Looking at the construction, it is a 3 axis basic cnc router.

2) Rack and pinion design on X & Y axis plus dual motor drive on Y allows this 4x4 cnc router machine have much higher machining performance than the ones with ball screw drive.

3) Vacuum with t – slot embedded router table is designed to meet various requirements on material fixture.

4) Working size of router is 48 x 48 inch. Other size available for you: 4x8 (48 x 96) cnc router

5) Adopt user-friendly Richauto DSP controller, which is an easy item even for beginners.

6) Machine is supported by 4 legs with adjustable leveling feet. 
cnc router kit machine head vacuum table and control cabinet

CNC Router Kit 48 x 48 Parameters:

Model | EagleTec EA-1212SV

Working Stroke | 4x4 feet or 48 x 48 inch

Controller | Richauto DSP 

Command Acceptable | G code

Spindle | Italian HSD air cooled 3.0KW

CNC Tools Diameter | 3.175 ~ 16 mm

Axis Motor | Nema 34, stepper

Lubricating | Central lubrication

Oil No. | 30# ~ 68# engine oil

Working Accuracy | 0.1mm / 100mm

Max. Speed | 35,000 mm / min

X & Y Drive | Helical rack and pinion

Z Drive | Rolling ball screw

Linear Guide | PMI original from Taiwan

Working Voltage | 380VAC / 50 ~ 60Hz, 3Ph


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