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Best CNC Wood Router for Kitchen, Office, Custom Cabinets Production with Auto Loading Unloading 1300x2500mm
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Best CNC Wood Router for Kitchen, Office, Custom Cabinets Production with Auto Loading Unloading 1300x2500mm
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EagleTec EA-1325AL3

This machine for sale is EagleTec EA-1325AL3, which is a cnc wood router ideal for nested based cabinets production purpose; it is widely applied to kitchen, office, bedroom cabinets making. Why is it ideal for custom cabinets production compared with other models? Let’s look at the construction and configuration of cnc wood router EA-1325AL3 below.
cnc wood router eagletec ea-1325al3 with auto loading unloading and gang drill package 

Wood CNC Router EA-1325AL3 Construction & Configuration Advantage

1)      Auto loading & lift platform: wood sheet is placed on lift platform first, then platform rises to proper height and router gantry moves towards to the wood sheet; the wood sheet is sucked by the sucker that mounted on the gantry after the gantry reach to sheet; wood sheet is pulled to the router table by the sucker with the gantry moving oppositely. The loading process is fully automated, this design improves efficiency and saves labor meantime. This cnc wood router machine is good for bulk production of cabinets. 

2)      Material auto location: the sheet is located automatically by pneumatic material alignment Pop-ups after it reach to the router table. High efficiency, good positioning accuracy and save labor.

3)      Auto unloading: after the machining process finished, the material push device will push the wood pieces away from the table and to the conveyer belt platform for collection.

4)      Italian drill head: there are lots of drilling and cutting jobs in kitchen cabinets production, so the cnc wood router is equipped with original Italian FAM drill unit and the drill construction is 9 vertical + 2 horizontal + 2 saw. This drill package improves drilling and cutting efficiency greatly. 
gang drill package 9v + 2h mounted on cnc wood router eagletec

5)      Auto tool changer: cabinet projects need multiple tools machining; design of pneumatic spindle shift auto tool changer is the best choice for considering from both performance and cost. As all woodworkers know, benefit of auto tool changer is that it optimizes the tool changing process and save time for us compared with a machine without ATC option. 
pneumatic spindle shift tool changer on cnc wood router

From all five points above, we can see that the cnc wood router EA-1325AL3 is designed based on the custom cabinets production characters in purpose of high production output, high machining accuracy and labor cost saving.

To understand the full function, how high is the production output, how it save labor cost, please watch the video below: 

Another high efficient model for same purpose is ATC CNC Router with double work tables

Useful Advice to Make the Nested Based CNC Wood Router More Efficient

As it is a nested based panel furniture machine, if we use nesting software to make cabinet designs and create toolpath for the design, the machine will work in a more efficient way for us. The one - key optimization feature of nest software will give us these benefits: 

a.     It will reduce time cost greatly for us on design and toolpath programming.

b.   By optimizing the typeset, it improves the material utilization to max extent. This will save production cost for us. Most important, it is environmentally friendly.  


Model | EA-1325AL3

Construction | Nested based cnc wood routers

Application | Kitchen, Office, Bedroom, Custom Cabinets Production

Working Size | 1300 x 2500mm (4x8 feet)

Router Table | Vacuum

Gang Drill Package | Italian FAM, 9V + 2H + 2Saw, original product

ATC Style | Pneumatic spindle shift type

Spindle | 6.0kw x 3, china air cooled spindle

Auto Loading Unloading | With

Pop-ups | With

Driving Motor | Delta AC servo

CNC Controller | WEIHONG NK300

Linear Guide | Original HIWIN from Taiwan

Lubrication | Automated central lubrication

Vacuum Pump | Air ring, 5.5kw, China brand

Small Electronics | Schneider, CHNT

Max. Travel Speed | 60,000mm/min

Max. Cutting Speed | 30,000mm/min

Net Weight | 3000KGS 

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