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CNC Router Easy Servo Leadshine HBS2206 Driver and 863HBM Motor
Product Name:
CNC Router Easy Servo Leadshine HBS2206 Driver and 863HBM Motor
No. :
Leadshine HBS2206 (Driver) / 863HBM80H-1000 (Motor)

Brief: this product is cnc router easy servo kit Leadshine driver HBS2206 and motor 863HBM80H-1000. Both items consist a set of easy servo kit, which is always used on nesting cnc router for plate fitment or nesting 3D wood cutting cnc machine
cnc router easy servo kit hbs 2206 picture

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CNC Router Easy Servo Driver Leadshine 2206 Features

1. External digital debug panel design is convenient for the debugging of the cnc router machine parameters.

2. This drive completely solves the problem of losing step. Use it, your cnc router machine will not lost step any more.

3. The torque is raised greatly.

4. Low heat and strong heat dissipation.

5. Close loop control technology.

6. 32 – bit DSP chip.
cnc router easy servo driver leadshine hbs2206 

Easy Servo Driver Leadshine HBS2206 Parameters

Working Voltage | 150 ~ 240V AC

Peak Current | 6A

Control Mode | 32 bit DSP Vector closed Loop Control

Limiting Frequency | 200KHZ

Protection | Over-voltage, over-current, Over-differential protection

Input Signal | Pulse, Direction, Enable

Applicable Motor | 863HBM80H-1000
leadshine easy servo driver hbs2206

CNC Router Easy Servo Motor Leadshine 863HBM80H-1000 Features

1. With built-in 1000 wire incremental photoelectric encoder.

2. Large output torque.

3. Motor heating is small and energy consumption is low.

4. Smooth running, small vibration and noise.

5. The corresponding speed is fast, suitable for frequent start and stop.


Easy Servo Motor Leadshine 863HBM80H-1000 Technical Parameter

Holding Torque | 12N.m

Rated Phase Current | 3A

Motor Length | 173mm

Rotor Rotational Inertia | 4kg.cm2

Motor Weight | 5.6KG

Motor Flange Size | NEMA34 (86mm)

Motor Shaft Size | 14mm

Axial Runout | Maximum 0.025mm under load of 5N

Radial Runout | Maximum 0.075mm under load of 10N

Holding Brake | Without

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