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12mm Ball Nose Cutter with Extra Long Size 12x55x100mm for Wood
Product Name:
12mm Ball Nose Cutter with Extra Long Size 12x55x100mm for Wood
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EagleTec Ball Nose Cutter 12x55x100mm (SHK x CEL x OVL) | Other size available: 12x35mm, 12x45mm, 12x75mm, 12x100mm

Brief: this product for sale here is ball nose cutter 12mm, 12mm refers to the cutter shank diameter size. It is an extra long ball nose cutter with cutting edge size 55mm and overall length 100mm. Two flute and spiral cut design makes it ideal for hard wood, MDF, acrylic, PVC, aluminum, stainless steel and more. Extra long cutting-edge length design makes it very suitable for machining thick materials. In practice, it is widely used in the field of wood processing; sometimes it is also used in nonferrous metal processing.
ball nose spiral router bit 12x55mm with two flute

Ball Nose Cutter 12mm Specification

Cutter Type: ball nose two flute spiral router bit

Shank Diameter (SHK): 12mm

Cutting Edge Diameter (CED): 12mm

Cutting Edge Length (CEL): 55mm

Overall Length (OVL): 100mm

Material: tungsten steel (solid carbide)

Grade: N, A, AA, 3A

Package: one piece on one router bit box 
ball nose cutter 12mm in plastic router bit box

More other ball nose cutter sizes available (SHK x CEL) for you: 12x35mm, 12x45mm, 12x55mm, 12x75mm, 12x100mm. 

Note on grade: we provide this ball nose cutter with four different grades: N, A, AA and 3A. N grade is for general application; the other three is for higher machining requirement. Please click here to understand the quality difference between four grades. 

Router Tool Uses

Ball nose spiral router bit 12x55mm is good to use on cnc router engraver for large scale embossment carving and thick material panel cutting. 

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