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Big Size CNC Plasma Table for 40mm Thickness Sheet Metal Cut 1500x4000mm
Product Name:
Big Size CNC Plasma Table for 40mm Thickness Sheet Metal Cut 1500x4000mm
No. :
EagleTec EA-1540PL | Working size 1500x4000mm (5x13 feet)

Brief: this cnc plasma cutter for sale here is Model. EagleTec EA-1540PL. Plasma table size is 1500x4000mm, the table size here refers to the actual maximum cutting size. In other words, it can cut anywhere of a sheet metal in the range of 1500x4000mm. To match such a big cutting size, we adopted 200amp plasma power source for this cnc plasma table. In this way, its maximum quality cutting thickness can be up to 40 mm for all kinds of sheet metal includes carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, iron, copper, brass and so on. The cnc plasma cutter EA-1540PL is a good cutting solution for sheet metals whose size are not over 1500x4000x40mm. If your cutting requirement is accordance with this size, then EA-1540PL is a proper choice for you.
cnc plasma table for sale eagletec ea-1540pl

Arc Voltage Torch Height Controller: this cnc plasma cutter for sale is included T.H.C system. This is an assistant device for plate cutting. It ensures the quality cut even over uneven metal sheets. If without it, you will not get a quality cut over uneven surface.

Application: this cnc plasma table is mainly used in industrial manufacturing field for metal materials cutting purpose. It can cut any shape or design as per your production requirement.

CNC plasma table software: one set of professional plasma cut CAM software is provided together with the plasma table; it is FASTCAM software in English.

CNC plasma table parts: 20 pieces plasma cutter nozzles and 20 pieces electrodes are provided together with the cnc plasma cutter as accessories for future maintenance purpose.

CNC plasma table operation: The system is equipped with display, and operation guide is listed at the bottom of the screen at any time; it contains lots of graphic, we select the right one we need and input several parameters, then the machine starts working automatically. Operators can run it well after a simple training.

About user manual: full set user manual regarding the cnc plasma cutter EA-1540PL from hardware to software is provided to you in English language. This is a specific, practible step by step guide manual for your right machine, not a general, meaningless one for many different models.

Low Cost CNC Plasma Cutter Specification:

CNC plasma table is built in heady duty design specially for industrial manufacture field.

The guide adopts linear square rail with features of high precision and good guidance.

The plasma table controller has LED display and menu is in English; also contains a lot of graphic library. Just select the right graphic and input several parameters, the plasma cutter will start work automatically for you.

Environmentally friendly design with unique fans for dust and smoke removing

Technical Parameter 


EagleTec EA-1540PL

Construction Type

Heavy duty, Big size

Machine Type

CNC Plasma Cutter for Sheet Metal Cutting

Plasma Table Type

burn table with dust removing function

Cutting Size

1500x4000mm (5x13 feet)

Plasma Cutting Thickness

1.5 ~ 40mm

Plasma Source

200amp, Huayuan brand - china

CNC Controller


Communication interface


Arc Voltage Torque Height Controller


Driving Motor



Rack and pinion

Travelling Speed

8,000 mm/min

Plasma Voltage

AC380V, 3Ph

Plasma Controller Voltage

AC220V, Single Ph

CNC Plasma Cutting Software

FASTCAM in English

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