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Economical Metal Cut Solution Low-priced CNC Plasma Cutter 4x8 Table 1300x2500mm
Product Name:
Economical Metal Cut Solution Low-priced CNC Plasma Cutter 4x8 Table 1300x2500mm
No. :
EagleTec EA-PL1325 – Working Size 4x8 (1300x2500mm)

Where can I buy a cheap cnc plasma cutter? Please look here, EA-PL1325 is an economical metal cut solution provided from EagleTec. Plasma cutting table size is 4x8, or we can say in metric, 1300x2500mm. CNC controller is adopted Richauto DSP A12 which is a version specially for plasma cutting application. It is suitable for cutting regular and flat metal sheet includes carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, iron and more.
cheap cnc plasma cutter economical metal cut solution

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Main Configuration of Inexpensive CNC Plasma Cutter

Equipped with 63AMP Huayuan plasma cutter: this plasma power source is selected not only consider the low cost compared with hypertherm, but also it performs the best in all Chinese brand plasma generator. Maximum suggested quality cut thickness is 8mm. If this power does not fit for your production requirement, you can have more options as below:

100amp to cut 15mm max., 120amp to cut 20mm max., 160amp to cut 30mm max. and 200amp to cut 40mm max.

Adopting environment-friendly design: there is a big fan build in the rear of cnc plasma cutter machine, which is used for removing smoke and tiny debris generated by cutting process and offers a clean work place for operators.
cnc plasma cutter big electric fan at the rear for smoke removing

Dust-proof design on X axis: this is because that transmission parts like rack and linear guide of X axis are the most possible place where is adhered by the debris from cutting. With this design, it keeps these parts away from debris so to guarantee the quality cut and prolong the service life of cnc plasma cutting machine.

Free plasma cutter consumables: you will get free consumables together with the machine, they are 20 pieces plasma cutting nozzles in two sizes, each size 10 pieces; and 20 pieces electrodes. 

Technical Specification of EA-PL1325 Cheap CNC Plasma Cutter


EagleTec EA-PL1325

Machine Type

affordable cnc plasma cutter economical version

Cutting Size

1300x2500mm (4x8 feet)

Plasma Cutting Thickness

1.5 ~ 8mm

Plasma Source

63 amp, Huayuan - China

Construction Type

heavy duty, standard size

Linear Guide

round type

Drawers on Side


Plasma Table Type

burn table with smoke removing function

CNC Controller

Richauto DSP A12

Communication Code

G Code

Communication interface


Arc Voltage Torque Height Controller


Driving Motor



Rack and pinion

Travelling Speed

8,000 mm/min

Plasma Voltage

AC380V, 3Ph

Plasma Controller Voltage

AC220V, Single Ph


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We are inviting you watch the video below and understand how this plasma cutter works.