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Circular Tube & Sheet Metal Cut Solution – Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine with Rotary 300mm Diameter
Product Name:
Circular Tube & Sheet Metal Cut Solution – Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine with Rotary 300mm Diameter
No. :
EagleTec EA-1325PLT | Plate Cutting 1300x2500mm | Circular Cutting 300mm diameter

Brief: this plasma pipe cutting machine EA-1325PLT is combo of cnc plasma table and rotary, which is a good cut solution for both circular tube metal and sheet metal materials. The rotary cutter can hold 300mm diameter pipe maximum; length can be up to 2500mm. About plane table, working size is 1300x2500mm, in English unit it is 4x8 feet.
plasma pipe cutting machine with rotary axis

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Equipped with Hypertherm powermax 85: It makes the cutting surface very smooth and vertical when compared with other brand plasma cutter. Suggested maximum quality cut thickness is 12mm. Of course you can have more other choices on the plasma power if this one is not proper for you. Other available power as below:

Hypertherm – 45amp, 65amp, 85amp, 105amp, 200amp

Huayuan – 63amp, 100amp, 120amp, 160amp, 200amp

With plasma torch height controller: EA-1325PLT default configuration includes the arc voltage T.H.C, which allows the plasma pipe cutting machine can get quality cut even on uneven metal plates. The working principle is that, during cutting, the plasma torch head will automatically rise and fall as the sheet surface goes up and down. For this point, please watch the video below to understand better. 

With removable rotary axis: the rotary axis is placed at the lower right of the plasma table gantry.

Exhaust fan design: there is a fan at the rear of the machine body for smoke removing.

Anti-dust design on XYZ axes: this design prevents the transmission parts such as rack and linear bearing away from the cutting debris or other dust, to guarantee the cutting precision of machine and effectively prolongs the service life of the plasma pipe cutting machine.

Free plasma software provided with machine: FastCAM plasma cutting software English version is provided together with the machine for free.

Free plasma consumables: the package includes 20 pieces nozzles in two size, each size 10 pcs; and 20 pieces electrodes.

Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine Technical Parameter


EagleTec EA-1325PLT

Machine Type

circular tube metal and sheet metal cut solution

Construction Type

heavy duty, standard size

Plane Cutting Size

1300x2500mm (4x8 feet)

Round Tube Cutting Size

Dia.300mm x 2500mm Long

Plasma Cutting Thickness

1.5 ~ 12mm

Linear Guide

square type

Drawers on Side


Plasma Table Type

burn table with smoke removing function

Plasma Source

85 amp, Hypertherm - USA

CNC Controller


Communication Code

G Code

Communication interface


Arc Voltage Torque Height Controller


Driving Motor



Rack and pinion

Travelling Speed

8,000 mm/min

Plasma Voltage

AC380V, 3Ph

Plasma Controller Voltage

AC220V, Single Ph

CNC Plasma Cutting Software

FASTCAM in English


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To better understand how this plasma machine works, please watch the video below