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3 in 1 HSS Woodturning Tools CNC Wood Lathe Cutters
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3 in 1 HSS Woodturning Tools CNC Wood Lathe Cutters
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Suggested Model: HSS Woodturning Tools

Brief: the item for sale here is HSS woodturning tools for CNC woodturning lathe machine using. HSS is short for high speed steel. Tool dimension is 25x25x200mm; the blade is made of alloy steel which has hardness of 67~69 HRC. Besides the best carbide cutters for woodturning lathe, this cutter is another very popular model honored by users. Normally, this cutter is used as roughing tools on the wood lathe machine; while the former is used as finishing tools. Both is a good match.
hss woodturning tools wood lathe cutters for sale

Why Is It Called 3 In 1?

Simply because that, one complete set HSS woodturning tools is consisted by 3 parts, they are: 

The cutter body, which is made of tool steel. This material is selected after our continuous experiments. Tool steel has features of high hardness and toughness, no fracture, no deformation, durable, high precision. 

The blade, which is made of alloy steel with hardness of 67~69HRC. The hardness of ordinary white steel is only HRC 60-63, and the hardness of general high speed steel is only 64-66 HRC. The higher the hardness, the more wear-resistant.

The hold-down strip, which is mode of tool steel also.

Please see picture below to understand better.   
hss woodturning tools three in one (3 in 1) design

The three-in-one design, the precise combination, makes the tool processing more stable. You just need change the blade in future use, which is a good solution from cost saving.  

HSS Woodturning Tools Feature 

Extra long service life - more than twice of white steel knife

Excellent finishing - no matter what kind of wood, it is superior to other white steel knife, especially on soft wood. 

3 in 1 woodworking cnc lathe tool


Name: 3 in 1 woodworking cnc lathe tool

Cutter Body: tool steel

Blade: alloy steel 67~69 HRC

Dimension: 25x25x200mm

Tip: R1 (2mm), R0.5 (1mm)

Materials good for: birch, cottonwood, rubber wood, China fir, bubinga, beech etc. 
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To better understand this HSS woodturning tools, please watch video below