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Small Size 1300x1300mm UV Flatbed Printer for Acrylic, Metal, Wood Printing
Product Name:
Small Size 1300x1300mm UV Flatbed Printer for Acrylic, Metal, Wood Printing
No. :
EagleTec EA-UV1313 Max. Printing Size 1300x1300mm, 2 UV printer heads, Printing Speed: 12~24sqm/h

Brief: the small UV flatbed printer EA-UV1313 is designed specially for art works printing jobs; it is ideal for printing on artwork, candy case, USB flash, writing case, store sign, dishes, cartoon foam board, customized gifts etc. UV printer head is adopted Epson brand; printing size is 1300x1300mm; Panasonic servo is as the motion unit and printing speed can be up to 12~24 sqm/h.
small uv flatbed printer 1300x1300mm  

UV Printing Applicable Materials

Acrylic, Metal, Wood, Glass, Ceramic, Aluminum Plastic Board, Foam Board etc.

Small UV Flatbed Printing Machine Features

1. UV printer head is adopted Epson brand generation five, double head design. 
uv printer head Epson generation five

2. High-speed printer head carriage, printing speed is up to 12~24 sqm/h.
uv flatbed printer head carriage

Panasonic drive and motion unit performs fast, quietly and smoothly.
Hiwin linear guideways and carriage, moves quietly.
Y axis transmission is with high precision grinding rolling ball screw, low noise, long life.
6. Automatic material height measurement, measure with touching material, effectively avoid the deviation produced by infrared height measurement, is more accurate positioning.
The beam is made of aluminum alloy, the mounting base surface of the guideway is milled by the gantry milling machine, the beam is not deformed to make sure the motion of the X axis is accurate and no deviation.
Whole machine is adopted Germany igus drag chain, quiet and durable.
6 zone vacuum platform, which is convenient for small piece fixture and saving energy consumption.
Water cooling system for UV LED lamp.
White ink automatic circulation, effectively avoid white ink precipitation

Small UV Flatbed Printer Parameter

Model | EagleTec EA-UV1313

Printing Size | 1300x1300mm

Workpiece Thickness | 100mm, other size can be customized

Ink Type | UV curing ink (made in Taiwan)

Ink barrel | 1000ML, continuous ink supply

UV LED Lamp | over 20,000 hours life

Printer Head | Piezoelectric nozzle printing

Nozzle Control | voltage of nozzle is adjusted by software

Nozzle Model | Epson Generation 5 (made in Japan)

Nozzle Quantity | two

Nozzle Cleaning | automatic cleaning and moisturizing

Color Control | composite international ICC standard with curve and density adjustment function

Linear Guideway | HIWIN from Taiwan

Working Platform | vacuum with 6 zones

Communication Interface | USB2.0

Resolution | 360x1080DPI (6pass), 720x1080DPI (6pass or 12pass)

Printing Image Service Life | 5 years (outdoor), 10 years (indoor)

Image Format Supported | tiff, jpeg, postscript, eps, pdf etc.

RIP Software | UltraPrint

Working Power | 220V 50/60Hz

Power | 1100w

Machine Dimension | 2800x2200x1400mm 

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