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10mm Single Flute End Mill Up Cut Spiral Cutter For Wood Size 10x52mm
Product Name:
10mm Single Flute End Mill Up Cut Spiral Cutter For Wood Size 10x52mm
No. :
EagleTec 10mm Spiral Cut End Mill: SHK x CED x CEL (unit:mm) – 10x10x22, 10x10x25mm, 10x10x32mm, 10x10x42mm, 10x10x52mm, 10x10x62mm, 10x10x72mm, 10x10x82mm

Brief: the router cutter for sale here is 10mm single flute end mill bit. Exact size is 10x10x52x80mm. It has another name of spiral cut router bit. Shank diameter and flute diameter is 10mm, flute length is 52mm; tool overall length is 80mm. With up cut spiral flute, it is always applied to cut on materials like wood, MDF, PC, plastic, resin, nylon, aluminum composite panel, foamcore board, acrylic and PVC. 
single flute end mill 10mm 10x52mm carbide spiral cutter

More options of one flute end mill size for you: SHK x CED x CEL x OVL (unit: mm)

10x10x22x50mm / 10x10x25x50mm / 10x10x32x60mm / 10x10x42x70mm / 10x10x52x80mm

10x10x62x100mm / 10x10x72x120mm / 10x10x82x130mm
spiral cut one flute end mill router cutters  

Tips on how to select one flute spiral cut end mill size:

Too long shank or flute size will cause vibration and deviation during machining, resulting in tool damage. The appropriate flute length should be two to three millimeters longer than the thickness of the materials. For example, if you want to cut the 10mm plate, select a 12mm cutter with a long blade. For example, if the material to be processed is 10mm thick, then choose a router cutter with 12mm blade length. 

10x52mm Up Cut Single Flute End Mill Cutters Specification

Coating: without

Tool type: spiral cut end mill

Applicable equipment: for cnc machine using

Raw materials: solid carbide

Blade design: spiral up cut

Debris removal direction: upwards

Flute quantity: 1

Shank size: 10mm

Flute diameter: 10mm

Flute length: 52mm

Overall length: 80mm

Origin: mainland of China

Materials good for: acrylic, wood, PVC, Perspex, resin, plastic, MDF, fomacore board

Package details: each piece is in one independent plastic case 
solid carbide upwards spiral 1 flute end mill cutters in packing case

Solid Carbide Upwards Spiral 1 Flute End Mill Features

High quality tungsten steel is adopted as the raw material

One time molding from cnc machining center

Spiral groove is via polishing treatment

Sharp edge and precise size

Excellent wear resistance and flexural properties

Mirror grinding technology

Design of spiral groove is ideal for large capacity chip removal

Smooth cutting section, no need extra polishing treatment

No stick knife, no smoke, no smell

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