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6mm Compression Bit Up and Down Spiral Cutter 6x22mm 6x25mm
Product Name:
6mm Compression Bit Up and Down Spiral Cutter 6x22mm 6x25mm
No. :
EagleTec 6mm Shank Compression Router Bit – (CEDxCEL) 6x22mm, 6x25mm

Brief: the cutting tool for sale here is double flute spiral cut compression bit for cnc wood router using. It is an ideal solution for woodworking jobs which require clean and crisp cross section from top to bottom. Raw materials are cemented carbides with super hardness. It is also widely known by the name of up and down cut bits.
compression bit 6x25mm

What is compression router bit?  

We separate the blade into two parts from the center. The part near the blade tip side is designed in upwards cut direction; the other part near the blade bottom is designed in downwards cut direction. The whole flute is a combination of upcut and downcut. In cutting process, upcut part flute removes debris upwards; downcut part flute removes chips downwards; so finally, all the debris is compressed at the center point of the blade and removed out. That’s why it is called compression bit or up and down cut tool. 
6mm carbide compression bit

What advantage does carbide compression bit have?

As we know, spiral cutters leaving smooth surface on the upper or the lower part of the cross section, are determined by the cut and chip-removal directions. And compression cutter has both upcut and downcut in one flute, so it leaves clean smooth groove from the top to bottom of the section. This is the advantage of it.

What material is good for it?

Solid wood, MDF, laminated board

Except 6mm shank series, what other size available for double flute compression cutter?

3.175mm shank (1/8 shank): 3.175x15mm, 3.175x17mm, 3.175x22mm

4mm shank: 4x22mm

5mm shank: 5x22mm

8mm shank: 8x35mm, 8x42mm

10mm shank: 10x35mm, 10x42mm

Tips on compression spiral bit size selection

In order to give full play to its performance advantage, we should ensure that the entire blade include upcut and downcut is used at the same time during cutting. For example, you have a 22mm thick board to cut, then you should take a bit with flute length 22mm or 25mm. Oppositely, if you take a 22mm cutter to cut 10mm sheet, only the upcut part flute is used, in this way, the compression bit is worked as a common upcut bit actually. It is a waste of this good cutter.  

6mm CNC Compression Cutter Description

Tool type: spiral cut 

Flute type: compression (up and down cut)

Debris removing way: compress

Flute quantity: two

Coating: without

Raw material: carbide

Shank size: 6mm

Blade diameter: 6mm

Blade length: 22mm, 25mm

Origin: mainland of China

Application: for cnc router using

Package: each compression cutter is individually packed in a separate plastic case 
double flute spiral compression bit in its package

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To check the compression bit in 360 degree full view, please water the video below.