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Cabinet Industry Solution - CNC Pneumatic ATC Router with 4 piece tools EA-1325PAT4
Product Name:
Cabinet Industry Solution - CNC Pneumatic ATC Router with 4 piece tools EA-1325PAT4
No. :
EagleTec EA-1325PAT4 / 1300x2500mm working size / pneumatic auto tool changer / 4 piece tools

Brief: EagleTec EA-1325PAT4 cnc atc pneumatic cylinder router is one good price-benefit ratio machine for cabinet making industry. It has the convenience and efficiency of auto tool changer machine (carousel or linear style tool bank), but the price is much lower than that machine, so it has become the favorite model of many panel furniture manufacturers. In addition, the machine also has auxiliary functions such as automatic material pushing and pneumatic material alignment pop-ups. Both greatly improve efficiency in the process of wood plate clamping and finished jobs unloading. If you need a more automated machine and don't want to spend a lot of money on it, EA-1325PAT4 is a good choice.

EagleTec CNC ATC Pneumatic Cylinder Router

Applicable Industry of CNC ATC Pneumatic Cylinder Router

Panel furniture making: such as kitchen cabinet, office cabinet, wardrobe etc. 

Machining Capacity of This Router 

Wood plate cutting, drilling or pattern milling 

Technical Parameter of CNC ATC Pneumatic Cylinder Router Wood Plate Cutting Machine

Model. | EA-1325PAT4

Max. Cutting Size | 1300x2500mm

Machine Base | Heavy-duty seamless welded steel tube base with 1200KG weight

Spindle | HQD air cooling 6.0kw – 4PCS

Spindle Drive | 7.5kw inverter 

Axis motion system | Leadshine hybrid servo model. 2206

CNC Controller | LNC industrial computer from Taiwan 

Linear Guides | linear rail and bearings 30mm, square type (brand PMI from Taiwan)

XY Transmission | helical rack and pinion (brand Germany WMH Herion)

Z Transmission | rolling ball screw (brand TBI from Taiwan)

Other Function | automatic material push, pneumatic pop-ups for material positioning

Working Table | PVC vacuum with aluminum T-slot

Vacuum Pump | 7.5kw water ring with 230CMB/h flow

Electronic Cabinet | Independent computer cabinet

Lubricating | Manual type

Small Electronics | Schneider or CHNT (ac contactors, relays, thermal relays, proximity switches, button switches, emergency switches )

Machine Net Weight | 1600KGS

Working Voltage | 380V / 50Hz, 3 Phase 4 Wire 

Machine Features:

The mechanism of four spindle index through pneumatic cylinder replaces the traditional carousel or linear style tool bank and cnc atc spindle. The automatic tool changing between four different router bits is realized. In terms of the speed and stability of the tool change, it is no inferior to the traditional automatic tool changer machine.

The below video can prove these words, please watch it.

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