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CNC Drill Press for Hole Drilling on Flange & Square Guideway 1000x2000mm
Product Name:
CNC Drill Press for Hole Drilling on Flange & Square Guideway 1000x2000mm
No. :
ET Drill – 1000x2000mm

Brief: EagleTec CNC drill press is an ideal hole drilling & tapping solution for flange, square guide rail, steel plate and metal tube. The casting frame of the whole machine is matched with imported high precision core parts, which makes the machine easily capable of drilling, sinking, chamfering, tapping and light milling, etc.
cnc drill press for hole drilling on flange & square guideway

Applicable Industry

Flange and guideways production

Machining Capacity

Drilling, sinking, chamfering, tapping and light milling on metal steel plate & rectangular tube. 

How about the mechanical rigidity of this CNC drill press machine?
cnc drill press machine mechanical rigidity eagletec

1. The bed, column, worktable and gantry are HT250 castable parts. They are annealed at high temperature before processing first, then annealed twice after semi-finishing, then finished, to ensure that the lathe machine has enough rigidity and stability for metal material machining.
eagletec cnc drill press HT250 castable construction gantry pillar worktable

2. The working platform is cast as a whole, the T-slot is finely milled out by the CNC machining center and the table surface is refined to ensure the accuracy of the work table.

3. The linear guides for X/Y/Z are 45mm original HIWIN square linear guideways.  

All three axes are driven by original 40mm HIWIN rolling ball screws.

What are the key components of the cnc metal drilling machine?

Square linear guide & bearing: brand HIWIN, from Taiwan (China)

Rolling ballscrew: brand HIWIN, from Taiwan (China)

CNC controller: brand KND, from China

Servo motor for X/Y/Z: brand KND, from China

Servo motor for spindle: brand KND, from China

Pneumatic Cutter Cylinder: AirTAC, from Taiwan (China)

Electronics: Schneider, from France

Electronics: Omron, from Japan

Spindle: Denamu BT40, from China

What is the precision of the machine

The actual accuracy of EagleTec cnc drill press machine is ±0.04/300mm, both the positioning accuracy and the repeated positioning accuracy.

After each machine is assembled, we use dialgage and marble square ruler to test the accuracy of the machine to ensure that the machine is up to the precision standard (±0.04/300mm) before it delivery.

To prove this, please watch the video of actual test below:   

Technical Parameter 

Model No.


Maximum Machining Size

L x W (mm)


Thickness (mm)


Vertical sliding pillow drilling power head



Spindle Taper


Borehole Diameter (mm)

Ø1 ~ Ø34

Tapping Diameter (mm)

M3 ~ M16

Spindle Speed Range (rpm)

30 ~ 3000

Spindle Servo Motor Power (kw)


Distance between spindle bottom to the table

200 ~ 600mm

X Axis

Maximum Stroke (mm)


X Axis Speed Range (m/min)


X Axis Servo Motor Power (kw)


Y Axis

Maximum Stroke (mm)


Y Axis Speed Range (m/min)


Y Axis Servo Motor Power (kw)


Z Axis

Maximum Stroke (mm)


Y Axis Speed Range (m/min)


Y Axis Servo Motor Power (kw)


Machine Dimension

L x W x H (mm)


Three Axis Positioning Accuracy



Repositioning Accuracy



Gross Weight




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