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3D Scanner CNC STL Files Creator for Industrial Modeling
Product Name:
3D Scanner CNC STL Files Creator for Industrial Modeling
No. :
EagleTec EA-COM16

Brief: The Photographic 3D Scanner EagleTec EA-COM16 is a product especially developed for industrial design field; It is based on the most advanced technology of structured light non-contact photography in the world at present.

Combined with the composite three-dimensional non-contact measurement technology of structured light technology, phase measurement technology and computer vision technology, the scanner has the advantages of high scanning speed and precision.

You can freely adjust the scanning range according to the production requirement. From small parts to big car body, all can be perfectly scanned by this cnc router 3D model creator. 

It is a good price-benefit ratio industrial modeling tool.
3d scanner cnc stl files models creator from china 
EagleTec 3D Scanner CNC STL File Creator Features

Portable design: EagleTec 3D scanner can be taken to the workpiece for scanning on the spot, and can be adjusted to any angle to do the omnidirectional measurement.

Capable of measuring large workpieces: for large object, you can perform split measurement first, and then the measured data can be automatically combined in real time. EagleTec industrial scanner is good for measuring and scanning of objects of various sizes and shapes. 

Wide application: It is suitable for reverse modeling of complex free-form surfaces. EagleTec scannner is mainly used in product R&D, reverse engineering and 3D inspection. EagleTec cnc stl file creator is an indispensable equipment for product development and quality inspection.

Working principle: Non-contact white light technology is adopted to avoid contact with the surface of the object. The measured object can be flipped and moved at will during the scanning process, and multiple angles of view can be measured on the object. The system can automatically splice and easily realize 360-degree high-precision measurement of the object.

EagleTec EA-COM16 is Consisted by Follow Items:

1.3-megapixel camera (From Germany) – 2PCS

Projector – 1PC

Tripod (FOTOMATE) – 1 SET

5-meter-long USB2.0 data cable – 2PCS

Scanning software – 1 SET

Soft dog – 1PC

Scanning background black flannel – 1PC

Calibration board – 2PCS
eagletec 3d scanner camera projector cable
eagletec cnc models creator calibration board scanning software

Quick Details of EagleTec CNC Models Creator

Fast scanning speed, high precision 0.02mm

Fully automatic splicing, multiple splicing options, such as according to object characteristics, marking points, and rotating table

The scanning range can be adjusted according to the size of the workpiece, suitable for a variety of workpiece requirements

Scanning depth up to 0-1000mm

EagleTec 3D scanner has been forced digitally certified by Microsoft system WINDOWS7/10. Our scanning software has two versions, 64-bit and 32-bit, which can be installed and uninstalled as need. 
eagletec 3d scanner packages and its size

Warranty and Technical Support of EagleTec 3D Scanner

EagleTec provides 30 months warranty for our scanner since shipping date.

In addition, whether your scanner is under warranty or not, EagleTec will respond within 12 hours after receiving the user's assistance requirement. The experienced technical staff will provide users with efficient technical support and provide solutions within 24 hours.

3D Scanner EagleTec EA-COM16 Technical Parameter

Resolution  1M (1280x1024)
Scanning Point Distance 0.07-0.1mm, 0.1-0.3mm
Scanning Accuracy 0.02mm
Object Size 50 ~ 5000mm
Scanning Distance 240 ~ 2000mm 
Scanning Depth 50mm(macro), 400mm(Medium shot), 1000mm(Vision) 
Scanning Speed 1.3s / frame
Scanning Area 120x160mm (macro), 240x300mm(Medium shot), 750x1000mm(Vision)
Camera  2 pieces
Output File  STL, PLY, OBJ, ASC, 3D3


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Please watch the video below to understand better how EagleTec scanner works.